Updates On The Official Regulations To Visit Bali For An Enjoyable Travel

If you plan to have a trip to Bali soon, it is crucial to check the latest rules from the government. Without a doubt, the continuity of the global pandemic of Covid-19 is the reason for the government to post a set of new regulations. It aims to provide more comfort and safety for both the locals and tourists in Bali. So, it is best to check everything on this matter for the best holiday experience in Bali.

It is best to have a full dose of the vaccine before planning a trip to Bali. It adds more comfort and convenience later on. Apart from that matter of vaccine and quarantine, there are protocols to follow when arriving in Bali. There are several measures to take before continuing to the destination in the itinerary. It also refers to the official letter from the National Task Force of Covid-19 in Indonesia.

Foreign nationals can enter the country through Bali by showing proof of Covid-19 vaccination. It is also necessary to show a negative result of the RT-PCR test. Another thing to show upon arriving in Bali is health insurance ownership with a minimum of USD 25,000 coverage. More importantly, the insurance needs to cover Covid-19 as well. Lastly, a Short Visit Visa is also necessary to have.

After complying with the document requirements when entering Bali, it is pivotal to follow the flow of arrival. The information concerning the appropriate flow protocols is available on location. The first thing to do after arrival in Bali is to go to the thermal scanner at the arrival terminal. Anyone with a body temperature below 38 degrees Celsius can proceed to the following areas.

The next step is to reach the Port Health Office to submit the necessary medical documents. After that, it is a must to scan the e-HAC QR code and take a PCR swab test. Then, foreign nationals need to take an immigration check, customs check and reach the holding area to wait for the PCR test result. Those who have a negative result can continue the holiday to Bali travel by having quarantine.

Of course, the most important thing on this matter is the quarantine procedure. It refers to the Circular Letter of the Covid-19 National Task Force Number 4 of 2022. It commands foreign nationals without a full dose of vaccine to have at least 7 x 24 hours quarantine upon arrival. Meanwhile, foreign nationals with a full dose of vaccine will need to have at least 5 x 24 hours of the quarantine period.

Foreign nationals who are having a holiday to Bali will need to complete those quarantine procedures. One day before the quarantine ends, there will be an RT-PCR test. A negative result of the test will allow foreign nationals to continue their trip. On the other hand, a positive result will lead to several mandatory procedures. It aims to deal with the treatments for positive patients.

There are different facilities to treat those tourists with positive test results. It aims to optimize the treatments necessary for different symptoms and conditions. Those who are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms will receive appropriate treatments in isolation facilities nearby. On the other hand, anyone with moderate and severe symptoms will get the treatments at referral hospitals.

Foreign travelers will need to cover the cost of the treatments. It underlines the requirement to have active health insurance, as mentioned above. If the insurance does not cover bills for Covid-19 cares, it can be overwhelming for foreign nationals to finish the procedure. Of course, there will be some more protocols to follow after completing the treatments.

All of those things apply to both local and foreign tourists visiting the island of paradise. Indonesian citizens will need to be quarantined at the recommended accommodation according to the National Task Force. The quarantine itself is a self-funded type. It means local tourists from Indonesia need to allocate their budget for this particular purpose.

Why Keeping Tabs on the Regulations?

The global pandemic of Covid-19 affects many aspects of life. Of course, traveling around the world for whatever purpose is among the things that suffer from the pandemic. So, it is crucial to follow the latest regulations concerning travel. A honeymoon to Bali may not be too enjoyable anymore without knowing anything about the newest rules. So, it is a must to check on the updates regularly.

All in all, traveling to Bali comes with strict rules and regulations to follow. It is that way due to the current condition concerning Covid-19. When the situation gets better, there will be new protocols and procedures for sure. So, if you are planning to have a honeymoon to Bali, you need to pay attention to those things. The official website of Wonderful Indonesia is the best place to look for updates.