Bali River Tubing

A Challenging Adventure of Bali River Tubing

Bali river tubing is a challenging activity included in a Bali Tour. It is conducted in Ubud Village in which it is providing you to a Petanu River and allowing you to float with your tube. It is a fun activity where it spends two hours canyon tubing so that you will gain an amazing experience during tubing in that river. You can enjoy this memorable experience on your holiday in Bali. This tubing trip will maneuver 4.5 km of 7 amazing classes II in which it is matching to the tourists between the age of 7 to 64 years old.

Enjoying a Nature View in Petanu River 

Petanu River is one of the recommended rivers in Bali for a river tubing activity. The character of this river is very supportive of the tubing activity. It is a river that keeps awake the beauty in Bali. By following this tubing, you have a chance to enjoy the nature view and beauty directly. The green view with various animal sounds that you can hear during a trip of river-tubing. At the same time, this activity has a challenge. The river tubing activity has differences in rafting. In this activity, it includes with the safety equipment and tubing with the capacity of one person. 

Without the existence of the guide, this activity is giving a higher challenge than rafting. The flow of the Petanu River is quite heavy so that it is challenging. During joining the Bali River Tubing in Petanu River, you will down the river flow with the high challenge. It has a length of 4.5 km. During your trip, you can see the existence of a cliff and hill. Besides, you will find a natural waterfall during going down this river. With incredible beauty, it is not surprising that it becomes the place to get the status of the world’s heritage. 

Big Dare in Bali River Tubing 

The dare that you got from this activity is very huge. You can select to use tubing with the capacity for one to two people. In its tubing trip, we will invite you to crossing 7 rapids in 2+ categories. You don’t get worried about safety because the guide and safety equipment are available. The tubing activity in the Petanu River lasts 90 minutes or one a half hours. The cost of joining this tubing activity is flexible depending on the chosen facilities. The more complete facilities are surely more expensive. 

River tubing is a challenge to go down a Petanu River, Ubud with a small boat directing your desire. Bali River Tubing is a tourism activity in the river by following the flow of Petanu River with a small boat maximally accommodating 2 people without a guide on the boat. During going down your river, you will be spoiled by the beautiful nature view of Bali. Petanu River is chosen because it has an ideal river character for river-tubing. The safety is kept so that everyone can go down the river safely through no guide helps.


Morning Trip :

Ubud = 09.00 AM
Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua = 08.00 AM

Afternoon Trip :

Ubud = 13.00 PM
Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua = 12.00 PM


– Air-Conditioned Return Hotel Transfer
– Welcome Drink On Arrival
– Safety Approved River Tubing Equipment
– Professional River Tubing Guides
– Use of Towels and Shower Facilities
– Changing Room and Toilet Facilities
– Locker
– Buffet Lunch and Mineral Water
– Insurance Coverage
– 21% Government Tax and Service Charge

What to Bring :

– River Sandal or Shoes Recommended
– Changing Clothes
– Sunscreen is Recommended
– Money (if you buy drink in the restaurant and Photo CD or video CD)

– Customer service : Email / WhatsApp +6281359649559

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Bali River Tubing

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