Lempuyang Temple Bali Tour


05.00 – Pick up from your hotel
07.00 – Visit Lempuyang Temple (The Gate of Heaven)
11.00 – Visit Tirta Gangga Water Garden
12.30 – Lunch at Restaurant
14.00 – Visit Taman Ujung Sukasada
15.00 – Visit Virgin Beach
16.30 – Visit Tenganan Traditional Village
17.30 – Back to your hotel

Tour Description

Visiting Bali will not be a complete experience without taking the Lempuyang Temple Bali Tour. This tour, which we call the Gate of Heaven Tour, is one of the most famous Bali Full Day Tours Packages that you can take with your family and friends. On this tour, you will be able to explore the eastern part of Bali Island and enjoy the many beautiful places in that area. This tour has been designed to help you get the best holiday experience in the island of Bali.

The tour will start at around 05.00 in the morning. The tour starts with our driver picking you up at the hotel where you are staying in Bali. From your hotel, you will be taken to a drive to visit the first destination of this Lempuyang Temple Bali Tour.

Lempuyang Temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bali, which is why this Lempuyang Temple Bali Tour is also quite popular. It is famously known as “The Gate of Heaven”, which is not surprising since this temple looks really majestic, especially during certain times such as sunrise or sunset. This magnificent temple is actually one of the oldest and most regarded temples in Bali. At the temple, you will be able to view the amazing Lempuyang Temple while also enjoying the beautiful sunrise. There is a popular spot to take pictures where you can stand between two structures of the temple with the gorgeous view of the sky and mountain as the background. Sometimes the mountain will not be visible because of the beautiful clouds that cover it.

This Lempuyang Temple Bali Tour continues after you are satisfied with your visit to the majestic Lempuyang Temple. Our driver will drive you to the next destination on this tour at around 11.00. You will be taken to visit Tirta Gangga Water Garden. This is another unique tourist attraction in Bali because of how amazing it looks. This water garden has quite a remarkable architecture. The Tirta Gangga Water Garden is a beautiful Bali water palace that shows a unique combination and collaboration between Balinese and Chinese architecture. In this water garden, you will be able to stroll around and enjoy the unique view of the garden. You should take pictures to remind you of this beautiful place in Bali.

After all of that strolling and sightseeing, you will be hungry. That is why, at around 12.30, you will be taken to have lunch. Our driver will take you to a restaurant nearby. Your lunch will be served at this restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

After a fulfilling lunch, the Lempuyang Temple Bali Tour will continue again. Our driver will drive you to visit the next destination of this tour, which is Taman Ujung Sukasada. Taman Ujung Suksada is a park that is laid out very beautifully in its area. You will be able to see that this park has quite a unique design. This unique design allows you to reminisce about the Dutch colonial period. Be sure to take some pictures of this beautiful park.

The tour will continue at around 15.00, where we will take you to visit Virgin Beach. Virgin beach is one of the best white sandy beaches in Bali. This is partly because this beach is less crowded compared to other popular beaches in Bali. Because of how hidden this beach is from the public, you will be able to have this beach all to yourself.

The last destination of this tour is the Tenganan Traditional Village. This village is one of the popular ancient villages on the island of Bali. The Tenganan Traditional Village reflects the cultural life of its people and customs of the Bali Aga Village. Bali Aga is a traditional village custom that is common before Hindu came into Bali.

If you decide to take this tour, you do not have to worry about a single thing. We will privide you a private car that is comfortable since there will be an air conditioner in the car. You will also be accompanied by our driver who will always help you with anything that you might need. Take this Lempuyang Temple Bali Tour now and enjoy the Bali holiday experience.


– Service & tax
– Private Transport (full AC)
– English Speaking Driver
– Mineral water during the tour
– Fuel, parking & donation

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Lempuyang Temple Bali Tour

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