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The Excitement Things You Get from Bali Jungle Trekking Tour

Bali is full of interesting and exciting destinations to explore. If you want to feel a different experience than just exploring beaches, you can join our Bali Jungle Trekking Tour. This tour offers trekking to the real jungle and explores all the surroundings. Here is the detail of the tour you should know before joining it.

The Route and Location of the Jungle Trekking 

There are so many jungles in Bali and tropical islands always offer a great jungle view. One of the jungles you should visit when you are going to Bali is Tamblingan Jungle. Tamblingan offers more than just plants and trees. Moreover, you are about to visit a unique temple deep inside the jungle just like when you are a traveler who wants to find an ancient treasure. By the time you get into the temple, you can learn about the history of the temple and all the interesting stories you may not have heard before. The trekking is even more exciting because you have a chance to ride a traditional canoe known as Dugout Canoe. You will use this canoe to explore the amazing beauty of the sacred Tamblingan Lake along with birds flies around the sky. Indeed, the route of this Bali Jungle Trekking Tour leads you to learn more about Balinese culture, sacred history, and nature. If you want to find a tour that gives you a challenge as well as a peaceful body and mind, Bali Jungle Trekking Tour is the answer. 

Services and Facilities You Get from the Jungle Trekking Tour 

We always want to make you satisfy and get the most unforgettable experience while visiting Bali. Due to this goal, we provide services and facilities to make you enjoy the trip without thinking anything. You just focus on exploring, learning, capturing, and enjoying anything you see and feel during this jungle trekking tour. For example, you don’t need to think anymore about how to go to the starting point because our service is including private transport. Our professional driver or guide will pick you up at the hotel at 07.30 AM and bring you to the starting point. Moreover, the driver or guide can speak English fluently so you can communicate with them well. You can ask anything about the trekking tour and they will explain it to you. We give you our best local guide who knows about the trekking well. They know about the route, best spots, interesting things to do, and many more so you can enjoy the trip. The price of the tour is including several fees such as entrance tickets, canoe to explore the lake, and 21% of government tax and service charge. The service is also including a buffet lunch where you can enjoy Indonesian meals and mineral water. You just need to spend money if you want to enjoy extra snacks or drinks during the trekking.   

Things to Brings 

Safety and comfort are important. Because of that, you should prepare and bring some important items. Those items support the jungle Bali trekking tour so you can get into the finish point safely and you still have enough stamina to explore the area. For example, you have to wear or bring a jacket and long pants. Those two items are important to keep you warm and protect you from small creatures such as mosquitoes. The route is quite long and you are passing through a variety of terrains. Dealing with the route, you should wear your most comfortable hiking shoes. Don’t forget to apply and bring sunscreen to protect your skin from sunlight. You can also bring first aid kits if it is necessary to handle sudden problems.

The point is that you don’t need to worry about anything during the jungle trekking. You are about to go trekking with our professional and experienced tour guide. You are fully guided from the beginning of the tour until you go back to the hotel. As a result, you will get everything you want during the jungle trekking. In the end, you can memorize cool things and even post some Instagrammable photos on your account. So, if you want to enjoy the different side of Bali, just step aside a little bit to the Balinese jungle and join our Bali Jungle Trekking tour.

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