Horse Riding Bali

The Amazing Experience You Will Get when You are Joining Horse Riding Bali

There are a lot of interesting things you can enjoy while exploring Bali. If you want to enjoy the amazing scenery of Bali without getting wet, you can choose to take horse riding Bali. It is one of the most challenging activities in Bali, especially for those who are trying horse riding for the first time. You should know the important things before trying this activity. 

Things You Will Do 

Indeed, you are about to ride a horse. The agency cares about your safety and comfort so they are only offering tame and healthy horses. It is not an ordinary horse riding because you will ride a horse to enjoy the fantastic scenery close to Saba Beach. Horse riding Bali is a great alternative to enjoy Bali instead of renting a motorcycle or walking. You will pass through a particular route and it is about 10 km before reaching the amazing scenery of the black sandy beach. This is your opportunity to be the eye-witness of the wonderful scenery of the Indian Ocean before going back to the horse ranch.

Things To Prepare 

You don’t have to prepare all the equipment because the cost of the horse riding Bali package is including the cost of the equipment. It is not a big problem if it is your first time. By the time you get to the Saba Bay Stable, you will meet a professional and experienced instructor. He explains everything you should know before riding a horse, especially about the safety and the way to ride the horse comfortably. What you have to do is preparing your physics and mind so you are ready to ride the horse. 

The Horse Riding Route 

The horse riding agency has prepared a route so you get an incredible experience. You are about to ride a horse from Saba Beach to enjoy the black sandy beach along with its great wave sound. The route guides you to the Segara Wills Temple. This beautiful ancient temple is located in the seaside village. It seems you become a king or queen by the time you entering the temple. The atmosphere is quiet and suitable enough for those who love history. Then, you will continue riding the house to the plantation. You are about to pass through two different plantations which are bamboo and alang-alang plantation. It offers another great sensation in which you feel relax and fresh when you are entering the plantation. Bamboo and alang-alang are the two most popular plants in Bali. Those plants help to clean the air in the area. So, you can breathe fresh air that makes you feel fresh and relax. The horse riding is ended up in the Saba Bay Stable. Indeed, you will get an unforgettable experience in this 10km horse riding. It seems that you want to do it more and more. 

For those who want to go to Bali, you can include horse riding in the activity you will do there. Let us help you to manage your plan to join the horse riding Bali tour. You just need to focus on enjoying your time riding the horse and let us manage anything you need.


– Air-Conditioned Return Hotel Transfer
– 1,5 Hours Horse Riding Activity
– Welcome Drink
– Safety Standard Approved Equipment
– Horse Riding Instructor
– Light Refreshment
– Insurance Coverage
– 21% Government Tax and Service Charge

What to Bring :

– Comfortable Shoes
– Long Pants or Shorts
– Camera
– Sunscreen
– Money

– Customer service : Email / WhatsApp +6281359649559

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Horse Riding Bali

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