Tips You Should Know Before Book A Trip To Bali

For you who are planning to travel to Bali, better knowing these tips below first to optimize your vacation on the island of gods.

Expect the Crowds

As you already know, Bali is one of the most popular and most visited tourist destinations in the world. So, do not be surprised if you find a lot of crowds, especially in popular tourist spots, such as Ubud and southern Bali. If you prefer to get a quiet getaway, do not be lazy to find secluded areas outside the main tourist centers. Tip: go to the central mountains, cooler north coasts or west coasts in Bali.

Consider Your Accommodation

It will be better if you think about where you will stay during your stay in Bali. Because when the weather is hot or the traffic is chaos, you will probably prefer to stay in your hotel or guesthouse instead of wandering around Bali. If you are looking for the real R&R, Kuta perhaps is not the right choice. If you want to shop and eat a lot, a week on Nusa Lembongan will not make you fully satisfied. So, find your great spot for accommodation.

Do not be Afraid of ‘Bali Belly’

You do not have to be worried about strict dietary habits when you spend holidays in Bali. At first, ice cubes, salads, cut fruits, and most meats were on the danger list. But now, hygiene standards on the paradise island has been improved so well. Moreover, there are so many restaurants offer delicious organic foods. Prawns are always available and staying hydrated. However, you are suggested to be careful about local liquor and street foods.

Dress for the Occasion

Beachwear is not always appropriate across Bali. There are many high-end bars, clubs, and restaurants that apply a dress code. If you are not sure, call the place first so that you will not be ashamed of being rejected.

Respect the Religious Customs

Religion strongly rules Bali. So, do not force it when you know a street is blocked off or your driver pulls over in the middle of the trip to make a blessing. This is what makes Bali magical, anyway. Make sure you do not travel to the island during Nyepi, when every single thing in Bali, including the airport shuts down. Dress modestly by covering your knees and shoulders and behave when you visit temples and other holy sites.

Prepare for Various Price Tags

It is still possible to spend holidays in Bali on a budget by staying in guesthouses, dining at local food stalls, and shopping at local markets. But you can easily blow your bank account for meals, beverages, spa treatment, and room rates at high-end establishments are priced similarly to the ones in the USA, UK, and Australia. So, look for happy hour deals and online discounts to keep your bank account balance.

Be Careful of Wild Animals

Give wild animals in Bali space. They probably look cute but rabies and other illnesses are serious risks and monkeys are famous for their thieving habits. You will find many stray dogs and they are often in bad condition.

Avoid Plastic

The heat and humidity in Bali require you to stay hydrated. But consider the environment before buying bottled beverages. Help reduce plastic waste by using a stainless steel bottle that can be refilled. You can buy such a bottle in the Earth Cafe in Seminyak.

Learn Some Local Languages

A few basic words of Bahasa Indonesia will be beneficial for you. Such as selamatpagi (good morning), terimakasih (thank you), and tolong (please).

Low Season Means Rainy Season

You can get many special deals and discounts during the low season. Unfortunately, the low season means rainy season in Bali. So, you will likely end up spending your vacation in your hotel room if you travel to Bali during the rainy season. But the rain is usually only in the afternoon.

Understand the Current Visa Situation

There are 3 types of visa available; visa in advance, visa on arrival, and visa free. Visa in advance can be applied before you arrive in Indonesia and it is valid for 30 days or 60 days. Visa on arrival is valid for 30 days and you can apply for it when you arrive at major airports and harbors. Visa free can be received upon arrival and it cannot be extended.

Be Mindful of Mother Nature

Volcanoes in Bali are highly active. They can bring minor to very serious impacts on hotel stays, flights, and movements across the country. Keep yourself close to travel advisories.

Play by the Rules

The legal system in Indonesia is probably confusing for you. But it will be better not to debate with the police if you are accused of infringement and required to pay ‘fines’. Do not expect to get any special treatment for being a foreign visitor and having anything to do with drugs is a bad idea.

Bargain Respectfully

If you want to bargain for some services and items in Bali, do it respectfully. You will know when the seller has reached their limits and you should not force it at that point. If you doubt, walk away. If the seller does not come after you, it means they are not ready to drop the price.

Be Careful of the Ocean

Strong currents, powerful waves, and exposed rocks in Bali’s beaches are dangerous. So, even though you are a beach lover or professional surfer, it is important to be careful. Do not swim alone unless you are fully confident to do it. Show equal respect for the beaches and oceans by not leaving any garbage behind.

Do not Stress

Bali is generally safer than the headlines show. But with around 4 million visitors hit the beaches every year, it is natural and reasonable that some travelers probably have problems. Be respectful, party safe, always wear a helmet when you ride a bike or scooter, and you are on the track for a happy holiday in Bali.