The Naturally Gorgeous Tegalalang Terrace Rice Field, Bali

Bali does not only have pretty beaches as its natural tourist destinations. But this island of gods also has other natural tourist attractions, such as rice fields. Among so many rice fields in Bali, it can be said that the Tegalalang terrace rice field is the most popular one. Tegalalang rice field is a perfect spot for those of you who love photography. Here, you will be able to capture stunning views. The unique contour combined with the natural green color from the rice field make it look like a giant carpet, especially if you capture the view from above by using a drone.

tegalalang by drone@sassychris1

You can also let your models strike poses in the middle of the rice field. The natural sunlight supports your photography activities, allowing you not to use sophisticated lighting devices. Besides being a perfect place for photography, the Tegalalang rice field is also an ideal place to visit when you want to escape the busy, crowded city. Here, you can enjoy natural views along with fresh air. Enjoy birds freely flying and chirping and friendly local farmers who are ready to work in the ricefield. Do you want to feel a unique sensation that you will rarely find in the city? Go barefoot walking in the middle of the rice field. This will make you feel more connected to the Earth.

tegalalang rice field bali@travelforpun

The experience you get from Tegalalang rice field will surely stay in your mind. If you are curious about this natural tourist spot in Bali, here is further information about Tegalalang terrace rice field.

The Attractions of Tegalalang Terrace Rice Field

Tegalalang terrace rice field becomes one of the most popular and most visited tourist destinations in Bali, Indonesia. Many tourists recommend visiting this place when others travel to the paradise island. Tegalalang rice field is not as vast as Jatiluwih rice field, but it offers an amazing, unique view. Moreover, the location of Tegalalang rice field is very strategic. It is situated between 2 popular tourist areas in Bali, which are Kintamani and Ubud. This way, you can also visit other tourist spots near the rice field, such as the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud.

If you drive from Ubud, you need around 25 minutes to reach Tegalalang terrace rice field. But if you drive from Kuta, you need to drive around 2 hours to visit the popular rice field. Tegalalang rice field is located 600 meters above sea level. So, the temperature in the area is about 24 degrees Celsius at noon, quite cool and refreshing though the sun brightly shines. Tegalalang rice field is also known as Ceking Rice Terrace, because it is located in the Ceking village.

You can enjoy taking a stroll in the ricefield. You can also know how the local farmers irrigate the rice field so that you can have educational experience. Some spots for taking selfies are also provided, such as swings and sky bikes. For coffee lovers, you can also take a taste of the original Balinese luwak coffee here.

The Facilities Available

The parking area in Tegalalang rice terrace is safe and spacious. Moreover, there are some local restaurants and coffee shops where you can enjoy local foods and Balinese coffee at affordable prices while enjoying the magnificent view of the rice field. There are also souvenir shops that sell Balinese traditional crafts, such as wooden carvings or wooden statues. You can buy some to bring home as decorations at your house.

When you visit Tegalalang rice terrace, do not forget to try Bali swing. It is a must if you are an adrenaline junkie. You need to spend IDR150,000 or around $14 per person if you want to try Bali swing. Interested to visit Tegalalang rice field?