The Most Romantic & Luxurious Villas In Bali Tour Package For Couple

Are you and your lover planning to have a sweet honeymoon? Or just want to have a romantic getaway? If you are, then you should consider Bali as your destination. Bali has so many romantic accommodations to support your romantic time with your lover. Consider choosing one of these luxurious and romantic villas if your chosen Bali tour package for couple excludes accommodations.

Bali Tour Package For Couple

The Chand’s Boutique Villa Batu Belig

For you who prefer to stay in a villa that provides a private infinity pool where you can get relaxed while enjoying the ocean view, The Chand’s Boutique Villa in Batu Belig, Bali, is a great choice. Located at Batu Belig Beach, The Chand’s Boutique Villa is like a treasure. This villa is away from the crowd. Here, you will get a pretty private villa with the ocean view as a bonus. The facilities provided are also complete.

This romantic villa features a living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, and bathtub where both you and your lover can get a bath together. If you decide to stay here, do not forget to visit La Laguna Cafe to enjoy their special beers and cocktails.

Ini Vie Villa

If you are looking for the sweetest hidden place in South Bali for you and your lover, then Ini Vie Villa is the one. Every room in this villa has a private pool and jacuzzi. Both of them bring the romantic nuance to the next level with a sprinkle of flower petals. The private swimming pool features a swing if you prefer to get relaxed instead of swimming. Here, you can also enjoy a floating breakfast at the pool.

Ini Vie Villa is only a few minutes away from Seminyak and Kuta. This calming villa is even only 15 minutes away from Legian Beach and Double Six. With a strategic location and impressive interior design, it is not surprising that most couples do not mind spending their romantic moment all day long in this villa.

Mick’s Place

Popular among so many couples, Mick’s Place is a perfect place for a romantic holiday and relax your mind. Located on top of a cliff on Bingin Beach, Mick’s Place is a 7 gorgeous bungalow designed in the Polynesian style. It offers the most beautiful view in Bali. Imagine you and your lover getting relaxed at an infinity pool with a glass of beer in your hand while witnessing the cliff view. Walk for only 5 minutes to Bingin Beach and join surfers conquering the ocean waves.

Here, you will be served with the best services and hospitality. Enjoy an environmentally friendly room with complete facilities. The facilities provided include a safety box, bathroom, and outdoor shower.

Legian Kriyamaha Villa

If you and your lover love to get relaxed at a pool or jacuzzi, stay in Legian Kriyamaha Villa during your romantic holiday in Bali. Besides pretty, Legian Kriyamaha Villa also offers various services to create a romantic nuance you need, especially for a honeymoon. From a candle-light dinner, flower petals in the private pool, and even breakfast or lunch in the pool. Legian Kriyamaha Villa also offers traditional Balinese clothes that you can wear to capture your moment in Bali.

This romantic villa is located near Seminyak and Legian. You will easily find restaurants and shopping centers near the villa. Moreover, you will be able to reach the famous Double Six Beach by only driving for 15 minutes. Do not miss the sunset when you visit the beach.

Sun Island Suites

Sun Island Suites is located in Uluwatu. It is a comfortable one-bedroom villa that will bring your romantic getaway to the next level. Every suite consists of a spacious bedroom on the upper floor, complete with a bathroom and balcony where you can enjoy the view of Uluwatu. On the lower floor, you will find a kitchen, dining room, living room with a home theatre, and even closed parking area. Moreover, the living room area is connected to the private pool and terrace.

You and your spouse can also enjoy a spa at Sun Island Suites. Staying here will make your honeymoon memorable of Bali Tour Package for  couple.

Taman Sari Bali Villa

If you or your lover is an art lover, it is worth considering staying at Taman Sari Bali Villa. Besides featuring modern furniture, this villa is also prettily designed with various touches of contemporary art. The pool is extremely beautiful. It is decorated with artistic statues and dominated with natural stones. Located in the Seminyak area, it can be said that Taman Sari Bali Villa is very strategic. Do not miss several tourist objects around it, such as Kendra Gallery of Contemporary Art and Randelli Gallery.

Sejuk Beach Villas

For you who love both the ocean and green rice fields and do not want to give up one of them, Sejuk Beach Villas offers all of the view. Here, you will be able to enjoy the majestic view of the ocean from the private pool with direct access to the beach. And you can still also enjoy the ricefield view. Sejuk Beach Villas is a very suitable place for those who love to spend their time on the beach. You can also enjoy dinner on the coastline.

Just like the name, you can enjoy a cool nuance in Sejuk Beach Villas. Because it is located far away from the crowd yet still near some shops if you need to buy something.

Rijasa Agung Resort & Villa

If you have never felt the fun of swimming in an infinity pool on the hillside, then this is the time for you to plan a romantic vacation at Rijasa Agung Resort. This resort sits on a hillside in Ubud, with 42 spacious rooms that directly face the famous Ayung River. Rijasa Agung Resort is a luxurious place to rest as well as get closer to nature at the same time. There is also a restaurant here that serves both local foods and international foods.

So, which villa of Bali Tour Package for couple do you want to stay with your lover?