Stunning View At Tegalalang Rice Field

It’s an out of the box photo background idea. You get what you need to create stunning photos at the Tegalalang rice field. The unique contour, along with the green color from the rice makes this area like a giant carpet when you capture it with a drone. You can let your models express their style in the middle of the rice field. The sunlight also supports you to get the best photo without using too many sophisticated devices.


Tegalalang rice field seems to be a perfect place to run away from the crowd for a while. The area not only serves fantastic panorama but also fresh air. Plus! You can enjoy birds flying around as well as kind and happy farmers who are about to go to the field. Feel the excitement of walking around the rice field in the morning or afternoon barefoot. You can feel the mud touching your skin. It is a rare sensation if you live in the city. You will miss going back to this rice field even a few minutes after leaving it. At the same time, the experience and all you got from this place are worth it! Can’t wait to come back to this rice field right away.