Sekumpul Is A Real Hidden Paradise In Bali

It’s always fun to have a new paradise! Sekumpul is a real hidden place in Bali that you must visit. The route can be challenging for some travelers but what you get is worth it. You can swim and play in the water once you reach the waterfall. It is okay to take a deep breath and enjoy the atmosphere around the waterfall after walking through the challenging route. Some spots are perfect for photoshoots. Indeed, you will get a lot of Instagramable photos to share with friends.


The sensation of exploring the Sekumpul waterfall is like when you are entering an unknown location but you feel happy and calm there. The fresh air, cold water, and amazing view seem to affect your brain to relax for a while. This waterfall is perfect for those who want to be alone for a while and run away from all problems and hectic schedules.