Pacung Rice Terrace Bali – A Great Tourist Destination In Tabanan Bali

Tabanan is a region in Bali that has a beautiful place for tourism. In this region, you can find a beautiful rice terrace. The name of the terrace is Pacung Rice Terrace. Although there are many rice terrace in Bali such as Tagelalangan, Jatiluwih, Pupuan and Bukit Jambul, Pancung rice terrace has the best scenery. It is a great destination for foreign tourist.

Pacung rice terrace located in Baturiti village at the regency of Tabanan. This place is a destination with green scenery and large field. When tourist comes to Bali, it is a good idea to enter this place as main destination. The reason caused there are many things that you can do in this place. You can enjoy this place with your family and your friends cause it is safe for all tourist.

5 Things To Do In Pacung Rice Terrace

It is an amazing moment to spend your time in this terrace. This terrace is a beautiful place and offers many things for all visitors. There are 5 things to do in this place. You can make it as your planning before you visit this place. These 5 things to do:

  1. Enjoy The Scenery

Nature is the best treatment for your problem. In this place, you can enjoy the scenery of nature. Before you visit this place, you can imagine how beautiful field of rice in this village. The fresh air in this village will makes you to be relax. It is like a pieces of paradise in the world. There are many shelters in this field. The shelters are used to all visitors that want to enjoy the scenery.

  1. Make Interaction With Farmers

Everyone knows that farmers is a person who works in field. When you in this place, you can see many farmers. It is a good chance to make interaction to them. You can learn about rice and asking about everything that relate to this terrace. If you bring your children, they can improve their knowledge about field rice. So, this is like study tour in a great place.

  1. Try Some Traditional Foods

Tabanan has many traditional foods. You can try some traditional foods near this terrace. It is easy to find a restaurant that have delicious menu in this area. There are many delicious foods in here such as kuwir nyatnyat, tri datu porridge and entil. For foreign tourist, these food are not familiar and unique. In addition, all the menus in this area are cheap enough. Do not worry to invite your family and your friends to enjoy some foods in here.

  1. Capture Your Moment

Do not forget to capture your moment in this field. There are many beautiful spots to capture your holiday in this place. Fortunately, you can use many properties for make sure that your picture unique enough. Actually, people around this place are friendly enough. You can ask them to join in your picture. For a suggestion, you can wait until the sunset comes. It is the best time to capture your moment in this terrace. Many tourist come here to get the sunset moment.

  1. Walk Around At The Terrace

You can walk around at this terrace. Be careful when you walk around here. Do not disturb all the rice in this field. This place has special route for all tourist. You can follow the route and enjoy the scenery. It is better if you attend how all the farmers work in this field. In this place you can study more about how to plant rice in the field.

Pacung rice terrace is a good destination for your holiday. You can invite all your friends to spend the time in here. Do not worry because there are many hotel and inn around this place. There are many others interesting destination near of this terrace. So, after you visit this terrace you can move to another destination.