Options For Bali Honeymoon Itinerary

The Bali honeymoon itinerary that we list for you below can be an inspiration for you planning your romantic journey to Bali. Bali is located in the South Pacific and is part of a tropical country, Indonesia. With its enchanting culture, gentle tropical climate, and of course stunning landscape, Bali becomes a major tourist destination in Indonesia.

Though it has large numbers of tourists visiting Bali per year, this island doesn’t fade its appeal and charm. Bali has a lot to offer, especially for people who are on a honeymoon, and newlyweds. Before we arrange an itinerary for honeymooners, you need to know the reasons why you should choose this island.

bali honeymoon itinerary

Why is Bali?

This island is known for its spectacular accommodation options. Resorts and hotels are endless. You can find hotels from a simple beach to super posh resorts and hotels. Bali has everything. It has the world’s stunning holiday villas and hotels that are designed by a stylish design. With the vast choices, you’ll find your dreamed honeymoon escape. As a consideration, try to stay in private villas. Some holiday villas offer their guests a hundred square meters of living space that you can have with unbeatable prices.

Another reason is that Bali is romantic. And Bali is ideal to make your holiday memorable. The endlessly long beaches invite every couple for romantic sunset walks. The stunning rock formations allow you to be the witness of the best sunsets in the world. There’s more to do. How about visiting the most spectacular rice field terraces in the world? Or you can also visit a local priest or shaman to tell your future. Having a tropical spa together is also a good choice. Some restaurants provide their guests with private areas, especially for newlyweds who value their privacy.

Bali becomes a hub for both domestic and foreign tourists because of its limitless leisure options. You can try hundreds of things on this island of gods. Whether it is sports activities or cultural activities, even in a week you won’t run out of ideas.

If you love sports activities, try mountain hiking or wild water rafting with your beloved ones. Surfing, snorkeling, diving, and swimming will be also good choices. And for those who are interested in culture, you can witness Balinese religious activities by visiting temples. Witnessing musical instrument makers, traditional textile making, woodcarvings, stone carving are good options if you want to have an interesting Bali honeymoon itinerary. Bali is one-stop cultural entertainment. You can try practicing traditional Balinese dance and painting lessons, take a cooking class, or meditations and Yoga courses. Bali is a place for everyone.

Bali Honeymoon Itinerary Option

When you arrange your honeymoon trip, you need to consider having a private car with drivers due to Bali’s lack of public transport. And as your first day in Bali, make sure that you are comfortable with what to do. You can choose to have hotels in the southern part of Bali, like Nusa Dua or Seminyak. These areas are close to the airport and very near to night entertainments. As you just arrive, try to spend the day at the hotel. You can also explore the area nearby, check some restaurants or cafes, or you can spend the night in a fancy beach club while watching the sunset.

For the second day, you can head to Uluwatu and watch their stunning landscapes. In this area, you can float on a banana boat, trying to do parasailing, or go to Tanjung Benoa to explore water sports activities. After that, in the afternoon you can wander to Uluwatu temples, a sacred temple where Hindu Balinese worship. Yet, you need to be careful when visiting it, because there are monkeys that inhabit the area. End your special day at Jimbaran Bay to have dinner.

On day 3, let’s go further. It’s time to visit the marvelous Nusa Penida island. On this island, you can explore its underwater scenery and of course a chance for you to see manta ray, a five-meter creature. Visit Diamond beach to try their couple swing. There are several hotels to stay on this island, if not get back to Sanur by boat. Tips for you, do not forget to bring more cash, because it is hard to find ATM here. Besides, try to remember the time for arrival and departure of your boat.

The Best Time to Visit Bali

If you have a plan to visit Bali, try to check the best time visiting this godly island. The best time is actually during the dry season, which is around April to October. If you go in April, the weather is perfect. It is also a low season, which makes your trip more convenient. If you have a trip during this time, you will also get a better deal on resorts and hotels, which makes it great to save more costs.

Avoid going in July and August, because it is the peak season. Here is the Bali honeymoon itinerary you can try.