Know Double Six Beach Better And You Know Why It Is A Great Beach For Enjoying A Glimpse Of Colorful Sunset

Bali is well-known because of its extremely beautiful nature, including the colorful sunset. Some places are perfect to enjoy a sunset in Bali, but Seminyak is at the top of the list. Specifically, you could depart to Double Six Beach to get an unforgettable experience while enjoying the sunset. We would explain this beach deeper below. As a result, you would obtain the reason why this beach is perfect for sunset lovers.

About Double Six Beach 

The name of the beach is taken from the 66 nightclubs that stand on its shores. You would love to visit this beach to feel the crowd in Seminyak. Imagine that you are about to visit one of the most popular beaches in Bali and one of the busiest areas in Seminyak. The restaurants, nightclubs, and cafes are never quiet. 

Going to this beach during the day is a good option. It is the time when families, surfers, and travelers around the world enjoy the day while drinking beers and playing in the waves. This area gets crowded around sunset. People want to enjoy the beautiful sunset from this beach. Therefore, Double Six Beach is not a suitable place for those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful beach in Seminyak. 

Things that Make Double Six Beach Attractive 

Unlike its nearby beaches, Double Six Beach has dark golden sand. Indeed, it makes this beach attractive to observe. The crowded atmosphere is also one of the reasons why people want to visit this beach. 

As one of the most popular beaches in Bali, Double Six Beach welcomes a variety of people, including surfers, families, travelers, volleyball players, those who love jogging, swimmers, and many more. Indeed, you would observe diversity on this beach.    

The Location of Double Six Beach 

Double Six Beach is located on the west coast of Bali at Double Six Street. It is the reason why this beach is called Double Six. The location is strategic because it is more peaceful than other beaches in this area. You could depart there a few hours before the sunset to enjoy the golden hour. Due to the atmosphere, people love to stroll around the beach in the late afternoon. 

Things To Do at Double Six Beach 

There are so many things to do when visiting Double Six Beach. For example, you could find a place around the sand and lie down on it. Some chairs are also available around the area. Sit there while observing the clear and beautiful sky and waiting for the sunset. 

Do you want to enjoy the sunset while snacking? Indeed, you can also do it there. Pick one of the cafes and restaurants near the beach and enjoy the menu. The cafes and restaurants are not only offering a delicious menu but also fantastic sea views and sunset. It is also a great opportunity to taste Balinese snacks. 

Double Six Beach is also perfect for travelers who love to play in the water. Therefore, bring your surfboard to catch the tides before the sunset comes. Do not worry! There are a lot of rental services nearby if you do not bring sports equipment. Rent the equipment you want to use and get ready to enjoy the water. 

Indeed, surfing is not the only water activity you could do there. Swimming, snorkeling, playing football, and playing volleyball are also great alternatives. You would better not leave the beach earlier after the sunset because the nightlife is also spectacular.   

Things To Do Nearby 

It is okay if you want to explore the nearby Double Six Beach. There are two other beaches you should explore, Seminyak Beach and Legian Beach.

Seminyak Beach 

Seminyak Beach is located north of Legian Beach. It is a 3 km long beach from Tuban Area. This beach not only offers wonderful scenery and a relaxing atmosphere but also a great wave. This beach is a great surfing alternative besides Double Six Beach. You would observe many surfers around the beach. The white sand and warm weather support you to lay down and relax while reading books, snacking, drinking, or enjoying the surroundings.    

Legian Beach 

Legian Beach is one of the most fun beaches in Bali. This beach is also a perfect location to catch the sunset golden hour. Recognizing this beach is so simple. When you observe a beach with so many deck chairs and umbrellas that line the beach, you are in Legian Beach. 

You could also walk around the beach while enjoying the scenic views. You are about to walk from Kuta and Seminyak or vice versa. There are a variety of products you could buy along the beach, including makeup, clothes, wooden items, sunglasses, watches, kites, and many more. Just like Double Six and Seminyak Beach, Legian Beach is also a suitable place for surfing whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer. 

Beginner surfers could learn how to surf by following surf lessons. Finding a surfing board for rent is also easy in this area. Do not leave this area without capturing the spectacular sunset. It seems perfect to enjoy the sunset while enjoying local dishes, fresh fruit platters, cold drinks, and others. You only have to order from the nearby restaurants and they deliver it right away. 

Does Double Six Beach Safe for Children? 

Yes! Double Six Beach is for all ages. A lot of families visit this beach during the day only for sitting on a chair, talking, or eating snacks. The most important thing is that you should keep an eye on your children. Ensure that they do not play in the water except in shallow water at low tide. One thing is for sure, Double Six Beach is not a dangerous beach for everyone, including children.  

Double Six Beach Route 

Double Six Beach is easy to reach. You could apply some alternatives and it depends on your starting point. Say you are about to go to Double Six Beach from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It takes around 1.5 hours to Double Six Beach from Ngurah Rai International Airport. 

This beach is even closer to Denpasar. Take a walk for 20 minutes and you will observe the beach. Besides using public transportation or walking, you could rent a car or motorbike to depart to Double Six Beach. You should go there earlier because parking in this area can be tricky. Coming in or out of this area after sunset will be so hard to do, especially with a car.      

The Best Time to Visit Double Six Beach 

You would better visit Double Six Beach in the dry season. The beach is cleaner, therefore, you could enjoy the scenery and feel the atmosphere instead of visiting during the wet season. Do not expect a quiet and peaceful beach when visiting Double Six Beach in the dry season, especially in the peak season. The beach is often polluted during the wet season. It is also cloudy therefore you could not enjoy the beautiful views maximally.

The point is that Double Six Beach is perfect not only for those who love to socialize and enjoy the crowded sensation but also enjoy the sunset on a beach. This beach is recommended to visit if you are exploring Seminyak while visiting Bali. Remember to visit the nearby beaches, Seminyak and Legian Beaches if you have time. You will get different experiences and sensations after observing these three beaches.