Candi Kuning Traditional Fruit Market Bali

Candikuning Village is located in a village in the highlands, in Bali. Candikuning’s villagers who live in the highlands area are commonly as a farmer that sell the fruit and delicious flavor which have good quality, fresh, and very cheap prices. So that, you will be very lucky to buy fresh fruit and delicious flavors in this market.

With cold temperatures and a very fertile land, people in this Candikuning’s village have many activities as a farmer. They like to plant variety of crops which are so fertile and refreshing. The fresh food and a good taste are you can buy in a traditional market that call Candi Kuning Market.

The Traditional market of Candi Kuning

Communities in the village of Candikuning also cultivate a variety of vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants to be sold in Candikuning market which is a traditional market. The location is more appropriate in Bedugul, Bali, on the left side of the road when you heading to Singaraja.

To reach the location of the market, actually not too far with the object of the lake garden or beratan botanical garden bedugul which the location you can reach is only about 5 minutes to travel.

Candikuning traditional market is very wide, its area reaches one hectare. Candi Kuning Market area is divided into three parts such as, front, center, and back. At the front, there is a very large main parking lot. The parking lot is enough to accommodate more than 10 cars.

In this Candi Kuning Market, not far from the parking lot there are many shops that sell vegetable from the farmers garden. Fresh vegetables that can be seen clearly from a distance such as potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, mustard, and others. In addition, strawberry fruit, corn, mango, pineapple, and others can tempt your appetite.

Traders also sell processed foods in the form of typical snackers such as boiled peanuts, spinach chips, sugar crackers, and others. You can also find typical souvenirs such as bells made of bracelets, bamboo, necklaces, and others that are handmade locals.

Knick knacks at Candi Kuning Market

Beautiful and unique trinkets you can find when you go deeper into the Candikuning market. In the middle of the market you will find more trinkets such as wind toys, drums, masks, and other knick knacks made of bamboo and wood.

Meanwhile, on the back, you also can see the parking lot which is as spacious as the one on the front. In the market behind this, you will find ornamental plant traders such as cactus, flower plants are well maintained and fertile.

However, if you prefer to sit sweet while drinking coffee to wait for your friends to shop, you can sit in a coffee shop. In Candi Kuning Market there are also many kinds of menu such as rabbit satay, chicken satay, and meatballs and others, they are very typical food in Indonesia.

In Candi Kuning Market is the perfect location to buy souvenirs after you visit Bedugul Botanical Garden. No need to hesitate to stop and buy fruit, vegetables, knick knacks there. The price of them are sold very cheap and you can get a cheaper price if you are smart bid.