Banjar Holy Water Hot Spring – Buleleng Singaraja - Bali

There are so many popular hot spring that you can find in Bali Island. But when you were in Buleleng, North of Bali, Banjar Holy Hot Spring can be the first choice. In fact, this hot spring is one of the favorite locations of tourists and local Balinese people in Buleleng Regency.

Many domestic and foreign tourists visit this bath to feel the sensation of soaking in warm water. Already since hundreds of years ago this location was used as a bathing place. In addition to being able to soak in warm water, you can also feel hot water from the showers of dragon heads.

At Banjar Hot Springs Bali, there are some different ponds that have different widths, lengths and depths. Visitors can choose from three bathing pools. These include a pool for children. Hot water temperatures that reach a number of about 35 degrees can widen the pores of the skin, so the skin can absorb various minerals that are important for the body. In addition, soaking in hot pools can also facilitate blood circulation, cure rheumatism, skin diseases, itching, and restore vitality to the body.

Although the hot spring has been arranged in the form of ponds, it does not reduce the natural impression that is present in this tourist spot. Around the hot water pool grows lush large trees give the impression of shade and lush. This makes the visiting tourists feel comfortable while bathing in the pool.

The attractions of Banjar Hot Springs have been well managed. It has been proven that there are already a variety of supporting facilities that have been equipped such as adequate vehicle parking, dressing and rinse rooms, toilets, food stalls and restaurants, even souvenir shops. No need to look far for souvenirs while visiting this hot spring