Banjar Buddhist Temple Singaraja Bali

Buddhist brahma Vihara Temple  more known as “Banjar Buddhist Temple” is the biggest Buddhist temple in Bali. It is popular from all over Asia and located on a hill with serene and peaceful surrounding over viewing Lovina Beach.Brahma Vihara Arama is located South West of Lovina, 3 km inland from the town of Dencarik. It’s the biggest Buddhist temple in Bali, its location close with Banjar Hot Springs.

The temple is painted with colorful decorations. It has a very bright orange roof and some Buddha statues it also has Balinese decorative carvings. This shows the solidarity amongst the Balinese people and the Buddhist community who live on Bali.Right of the top you will see the complexes of stupas that by visitors it is called small Borobudur. There is a vast meditation area and everyday many guests visit this temple. Some of them come to relax and take the opportunity to meditate others to admire the beautiful buildings and surroundings.

Many people visit those places , local or even tourist mostly after Galungan and Kuningan Ceremony the local people spend their relax time there .

The area is very peaceful and has panoramic views overlooking Lovina Beach. Visitors are always welcome and are asked to respect the tranquility of the area and the beliefs of the locals by wearing sarong or sash upon entering the temple.It is easy to find those place from Aditya Beach Resort , so when you like to spend your holiday in Lovina you may stay in our Resort then easily to arrange the tours.