Bali Trips Packages For Couple - Destinations

Bali is perfect for all travelers, including couples. This island offers extremely beautiful and romantic sceneries, great cultural attractions, water sports, spas, delicious menus, and many more. Indeed, both of you will not run out of activities while spending your honeymoon in Bali. The list of Bali trips packages for couple will make sure to go to the island with your beloved one.

Historical Bali Trip Packages for Couple

This package is for both of you who are history seekers. Bali has a lot of historical destinations to explore. Indeed, couples will not only get new knowledge after exploring the places without losing its romantic atmosphere. 

Visiting Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temples

Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temples are not only offering great history but also fantastic views. Both temples are located on the sea. That’s why travel agents include these areas on their trip packages. They will guide couples to go to Tanah Lot and Uluwatu early in the morning or in the afternoon while waiting for a stunning sunrise and sunset. During the exploration, couples can explore one of the six Balinese Hindu temples. Imagine that both of you are at the edge of a majestic cliff. 

Visiting Tirta Empul 

Tirta Empul Temple is also a worthwhile historical area to visit for couples. The groundwater spring is one of the most attractive places in this area. People believe that water has magical powers. There are two purification pools in this temple, along with 30 free-flowing water spouts.  

Visiting Goa Gajah 

Archaeologists found Goa Gajah or the Elephant Cave in 1954. It is believed that this cave already existed in the 9th and 10th centuries. Ancient people seemed to use this cave for meditation. You can see beautiful natural fountains and pools inside the cave. 

Romantic Bali Trip Packages for Couple    

As a couple, you want to enjoy a romantic ambiance in Bali. Indeed, this island is also popular for its romantic areas. It is one of the popular Bali trip packages for couple most travel agencies offer to their clients.

Enjoying Ubud Romantic Ambiance  

Both of you can go to Ubud and enjoy the Barong dance. It is Balinese mythological and one of the most iconic drama dances. Continue the exploration of Ubud’s art villages, such as Celuk, Batuan, and Mas. 

Enjoy your romantic time in beautiful natural destinations, such as Tegenungan Waterfall or Seribatu Garden. Plus, you can create outstanding couple photos or videos of the terraced rice fields. 

Enjoying Water Sports and Soothing Spa 

Tanjung Benoa is a perfect location for couples who love water. It is the place where both of you can ride a banana boat, Jet Ski, parasail, and other fun water sports. Go to a spa center to release any tension in the body and mind there. 

Authentic Balinese spa treatments are great for couples. The team often uses specific natural ingredients that are not only safe for the skin but also significantly relaxing and calming. 

Enjoying Romantic Dinner at Nusa Dua Selatan 

Imagine the sensation of enjoying a romantic dinner in a hideaway location. Both of you are about to enjoy a special menu with a beautiful beach and night sky as the background. 

It seems that the world is only for both of you that night. This honeymoon dinner will be more romantic with a flower bouquet, a champagne bucket, romantic music, or even a surprise ride on a helicopter. 

Most Popular Bali Trip Packages for Couples 

Both of you may also want to feel things that other couples feel when they are on their honeymoon in Bali. If so, you can also reserve the most popular Bali trip packages for couples. 

Spending Time in Kintamani 

Kintamani is one of the most popular areas in Bali for couples. You can easily find hotels in Kintamani that offer honeymoon packages. Most travel agents also guide couples to go to Payangan Village for whitewater rafting. 

The fun has not stopped yet because you can also explore the Kintamani volcano. Believe it or not, exploring this volcano is also one of the most popular activities in Bali for honeymooners. Spending time while enjoying the mesmerizing view of Batur Mountain and its crater lake is also an unforgettable moment for couples. 

Shopping in Ubud Markets 

Ubud is one of the most famous places in Bali for couples because of its shopping area. Both of you can go to several markets, including Ubud Art Market, Sukawati Market, and Tegallalang Handicraft Center. You will get so many unique items there whether for yourself or special gifts for family members and best friends.      

Having a Romantic Cruise Dinner 

Having a romantic dinner is something that most women want to do with their beloved couples. Bali is a perfect place to do it. Nowadays, you can set a romantic cruise dinner, along with music, live performance, great food, and many more.  

Enchanting Bali Trip Packages for Couple 

Exploring Kuta 

A city tour is also an option for couples who want to spend their honeymoon in Bali. You can start exploring the city in Kuta, such as visiting Mengwi Beach, Gitgit Waterfall, Tanah Lot Temple, and many more. 

Most couples also don’t miss a chance to enjoy Lovina Beach with its popular dolphin tour. Imagine that both of you will ride a traditional boat to meet a group of dolphins.            

Enjoying the Most Expensive Coffee 

Visiting the Luwak coffee plantation is also a fantastic honeymoon to do in Bali. It is a chance to see the plantation that produces the most expensive coffee in the world. Couples who are also coffee lovers can also taste some local coffee blends. 

Visiting Gold and Stone Market 

Do you want to give a precious gift to your beloved couple? Do it when you are in Ubud. Bring your beloved one to the famous gold or stone market there. Buy one of the souvenirs your beloved one loves as a little surprise. Indeed, it will be a memorable moment for both of you.  

Bali Trip Packages for Couple with a Romantic Banquet 

Bring Your Couple for a Romantic Afternoon Tea Date 

A special banquet doesn’t mean that you have to prepare a variety of luxury dishes on the table. An afternoon tea date is also worth it. Imagine that both of you drink a cup of tea while enjoying the wonderful view around it. Some restaurants in Bali offer this package, so it is easy to set this surprise for your couple. 

Set a Candlelight Dinner 

No doubt that Bali has fantastic night scenery. Use it to set a candlelight dinner. Having dinner with the beautiful night scenery of Bali can be something that some women dream of. Some restaurants also offer this package for honeymoon couples in Bali. They even offer you to use 100 candles and flowers, a champagne bouquet, and other special surprises to boost the romantic atmosphere.  

The point is that Bali is perfect for couples who want to honeymoon. There are a lot of ideal destinations for a honeymoon. Nowadays, preparing for a honeymoon is also easy and fast. Most travel agents offer Bali trip packages for couple. Choose the best one and get ready to make history with your beloved couple.