Bali Trip Cost : How Much To Prepare?

Before visiting this tropical paradise, it’s best to plan your Bali trip cost in advance. Bali is a place that you must write in your bucket list. Although it’s one of the best value destinations in Southeast Asia, you can easily spend more than you have here. In this article, we will show how you can plan your Bali trip well.

How to Plan Your Bali Trip Budget

Bali is one of the most wonderful travel destinations to visit in Southeast Asia. If you visit Indonesia, you must not miss Bali. However, the island is Indonesia’s hottest tourism spot, so prices are higher compared to other cities. It’s best to plan a special Bali budget for your Indonesia trip. Your budget will vary depending on what you want to do in this diverse island, but here’s how you can plan your Bali budget for your trip.

Daily Budget in Bali

Your daily budget will vary depending on your itinerary, so you should plan what you want to do first. A quick Google search goes a long way to save yourself from making rash decisions. Do a research on what you can do in Bali and how much you will spend on them.

There are so many different things to do in Bali depending on the region. If you like nightlife, you will want to go to tourist hotspots in the southern part such as Seminyak and Kuta. Things are rather pricier there than northern regions like Ubud and Lovina.

Accommodation in Bali

One of the main causes of overspending beyond your means is accommodation. Of course, we want to stay in a place that is clean and comfortable. But you don’t need to spend much to get a decent accommodation in Bali. It’s easy to get rooms at any price level, from budget to luxury options.

To book rooms online, simply head to There are many options and the prices vary widely, but this is the approximate cost of accommodation in Bali at different levels.

  • Budget Options

There are hostels with dorms in Bali, but there’s no guarantee that you will find them in all areas in Bali. Cheap losmens are more common. Typically, the price is about 150,000 rupiah (about 10 USD) or less per night.

You usually get a basic fan room, cold shower, and wifi. Some offer free breakfast, and there are also places that have a pool, but always double check and look at reviews first. Although these options are cheap, they are already reasonably comfortable.

  • Mid-range Options

Such accommodations typically range from 150,000 to 500,000 rupiah (about 10 to 35 USD) per night. You can have modern style rooms with all your usual comforts or one with traditional architecture.

For this budget range you typically get a room with air conditioner or at least a high end fan room. Other than that you also get hot water shower, wifi, and breakfast. Sometimes you get a fridge and if you’re lucky, access to a pool.

  • Luxury Options

You can also get a wide selection of luxury accommodations in Bali, which usually cost more than 500,000 rupiah (about 35 USD) per night. 5-star hotels are everywhere in Bali especially by popular, beautiful white sand beaches. If you want a more private holiday, you can rent a villa for yourself, which is great if you travel with your family. Renting a villa with a group of friends is another awesome way to have fun, and it might be cheaper.

How to Keep Your Bali Trip Cost Within Budget

Most of the Bali related posts you see on Instagram is about luxury villas, fancy breakfasts, and infinity pools. But it’s not impossible to enjoy fabulous budget-friendly deals in Bali. Here are some ways to visit Bali when you’re on a budget.

  • Eat Locally

While in Bali, eat as the Balinese do. There are many Westernized restaurants in tourist-packed areas like Canggu. But to save budget, you might want to try traditional Indonesian food in local restaurants called warungs. Another alternative is eating at the local markets.

If you eat like locals, you can get an enormous plate of delicious nasi goreng and fresh juice to boot, all of just a few bucks. This way you’ll save so much money on food. You can also find cheap and beautiful souvenirs in the markets. And what harm does it do to try a glimpse of authentic Indonesian living?

  • Book Everything Online

One trick to save on accommodations is to book everything online in advance. Not only you won’t face the risk of finding only fully booked rooms, you can also get a lot of good deals online.

Other than accommodations, you can also book other things online. From car rental to a fast boat ticket to the neighboring Nusa Penida island, local businesses are adept at using internet to facilitate tourism.

  • Rent a Car, Hire a Driver

Public transportation is virtually nonexistent in Bali. To get to places, it’s much better to rent a car. Some car rentals include a driver to hire for day trips. It’s a good idea to go in a group and rent a car together. If you’re thinking of doing this, it’s better to book online in advance so once you’re in Bali, everything is all set.

Alternatively, if you’re traveling solo, you might want to rent a scooter. Even if you’ve never ridden any before, don’t worry since it’s really easy get a hang of riding a scooter. But, make sure that you have an insurance covering any possible accidents, and wear your helmet at all times.

  • Leave the Popular Destinations

There are so many that Bali has to offer. So, why not forego the popular destinations and head to smaller towns and villages? This way you’ll save loads. Plus, there are many hidden off-the-beaten gems in such areas. This is a great way to save your Bali trip cost and make the most of your getaway.