Bali Packages Honeymoon - Itineraries

Do you want to run away from the crowd for a while and spend time with your beloved one? Bali is the best place to retreat. Make it special by choosing a Bali package honeymoon. Nowadays, travel agents offer interesting Bali packages honeymoon. The example of the Bali package honeymoon itinerary below will make you want to visit this island right away. 

Romantic Honeymoon Bali Tour 

Do you have a bit of time to stay in Bali? If so, stay there for at least a week. Some travel agents often offer 7 days of romantic tours for couples. This tour leads both of you to enjoy the time. 

Day 1 Hotel Check-In 

A driver will wait for you at the airport to pick you up at the hotel if you take a travel agent service. The travel agent gives you time to take a rest while enjoying the view around the hotel or shopping from the local markets nearby.

Day 2 Temples Tour

It is one of the most popular packages travel agents offer to their clients, including couples. There are so many temples to explore in Bali. Most of them have mesmerizing views and are perfect for a honeymoon couple. 

For example, a travel agent will deliver you to go to Kehen Temple. This temple is so popular with its Hindu three gods, Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu. There are also Besakih Temple and Tirta Empul temple. 

Besakih Temple is well-known due to its holiness, whereas Tirta Empul Temple becomes a popular destination because of its sacred water for cleansing rituals. Travel agents often bring couples to explore Gunung Kawi Rocky Temple to see the 10 rock-cut Shrines. 

Day 3 Nusa Penida Tour 

Couples who love to play on the water and beach should join Bali packages honeymoon that includes the Nusa Penida tour. We can say that it is a beach day. Travel agents often ask you to be ready at 06.30 a.m. to start the exploration. 

They will bring you to several most popular beaches in Bali, such as Sanur Beach, Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong, Kelingking Beach, and Crystal Bay. All beaches have wonderful scenery for couples to enjoy. Both of you can even do several watersports, such as snorkeling, swimming, diving, riding a banana boat, and many more. 

Day 4 Kintamani Tour   

Kintamani is one of the must-visit destinations in Bali for any travelers, including honeymoon couples. Your tour guide will often deliver you to the Kintamani Volcano. The scenery is so fantastic and romantic for couples. 

The excitement has not stopped there yet because there are interesting places both of you can visit, such as Batubulan Village. It is the place where you watch Balinese cultural dances known as Barong and Kris dance performances. 

You can also visit another village, such as Celuk Village. This village is the source of handmade gold and silver handicrafts by local people. Besides setting a romantic dinner, setting a romantic lunch is also worth it to try. 

Tegalalang Rice Terrace is a recommended place for having romantic lunch in Bali. Imagine that you are enjoying the banquet with rice fields as the background. Preparing a special lunch is not the only thing you can do. 

Bring your beloved couple to a special coffee date. Bali Coffee Plantation is the best place to do it. It is the place to enjoy romantic coffee made from high-quality coffee beans and even the most expensive Luwak coffee beans. Some travel agents will also bring couples to the Elephant Cave Temple.

Day 5 Shopping and Relax Day

Some travel agents also give you a free day. You can use this free day to explore the areas near your hotel. Visiting the local restaurants, street food stalls, and local markets is a great activity to do. It is the best time to capture many things there before leaving Bali. 

Day 6 Check-Out Time 

You should check out from the hotel after having breakfast. Your tour guide will deliver you to the airport. The tour ends here. 

Romantic and Challenging Bali Tour

Both of you may love to do something challenging and increase your adrenaline. If so, you have to choose a package that fulfills it. The itinerary below can be a good alternative for couples who are looking for a honeymoon package in Bali.  

Day 1 Check-in Time 

It is the day when both of you arrive in Bali. Denpasar is one of the recommended places to depart if you want to find challenging honeymoon destinations. It is also time to recharge your energy before starting the exploration. 

Day 2 Exploring Monkey Forest, Coffee Plantation, and Pura Dalem Agung Temple 

Choose a travel agent that brings you to the Bali Swing and Monkey Forest to fill your desire to feel an exciting honeymoon. The Monkey Forest is located in Ubud and is the habitat of approximately 340 long-tailed Macaques. 

Both of you are about to explore a 10-square kilometer or 27 acres to see over 115 different species of trees. Make this exploration unforgettable by taking the swing. There is also a coffee plantation there where you can see the production process and taste the coffee. 

How about trying a holy spring bathing ritual? It can be your first experience doing it. Both of you can do it at the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple.  

Day 3 Rafting 

Rafting is another challenging activity both of you can do in Bali. It is also one of the popular honeymoon packages for couples. Talking about rafting in Bali, most travel agents will bring you to a place known as Telaga Waja. 

You are about to experience whitewater rafting. Be ready because this activity takes up to three hours. During the rafting, you can enjoy the rainforest landscape, waterfall, rice fields, and other great things. 

Recharge your energy by having lunch there. It feels romantic to have lunch with nature as the background, especially with your beloved one. 

Day 4 Explore Git Git Waterfall 

The enjoyment has not stopped there yet. Travel agents also offer a honeymoon package to Git Git Waterfall. The trekking route to this waterfall is challenging, but your effort paid off after seeing the fantastic scenery there. Don’t forget to bring your best camera to take photos of your beloved one, attractive objects, or precious moments. 

Day 5 Take a Variety of Spas 

Both of you should relax after doing all the challenging activities. Taking a spa is one of the best ways to relax. Bali is popular with its various spas, including chocolate spa, tropical fruit spa, and others. Some spa centers offer natural-based ingredient spa treatments. The ingredients are useful for strengthening and refreshing the skin. Indeed, it is so relaxing and calming for honeymoon couples. This activity takes approximately 2 hours. 

Day 6 Spend Time to Enjoy Sunset 

This island is also well-known because of its wonderful sunrise. Tanah Lot is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. Take this opportunity to take romantic photos or videos with your beloved one. Both of you will always remember the romantic experience anytime seeing the sunset in the photo.    

Day 7 Check-out Time 

It feels hard to say that the tour is done. You have to check out from the hotel. Your tour guide will deliver you to the airport. Indeed, you will get the most unforgettable honeymoon in Bali as long as you choose the best Bali packages honeymoon from a reputable travel agent.