Bali Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Temple or Lempuyang Luhur Temple in Karangasem is one of Sad Kahyangan Temples in Bali which occupies the eastern position of Bali, while the other 5 temples are Besakih Temple located in Karangasem, Goa Lawah Temple in Klungkung, Uluwatu Temple in Badung, Batukaru in Tabanan, and Pura Pusering Jagat (Puser Tasik) in Gianyar.

Aside from being a holy place, Lempuyang Temple has its own uniqueness like its natural purity, especially the forest area that is not yet so touched that the beauty of the valleys and coast of East Bali looks amazing. Tropical trees thrive and fit into the lungs of the Gods Island.

History of Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Temple History and other Sad Kahyangan Temple were founded in the 11th century AD when Mpu Kuturan accompanied King Udayana to rule Bali with his queen.

Pura Sad Kahyangan was established to protect Bali so that people continue to do things that are justified according to religious teachings.

In Lontar Kutara Kanda Dewa Purana Bangsul was declared Sang Hyang Parameswara carrying mountains in Bali from Jambhudwipa (India), Mahameru Mount.

The piece of Mahameru Mount was brought to Bali and divided into three major parts and also small parts.

The middle part is made of Mount Batur and Mount Rinjani, while the peak is Mount Agung. The smaller fragments become the mountain slopes in Bali that are related to each other.

The mountains include Mount Tapsahi, Pengelengan, Siladnyana, Beratan, Batukaru, Nagaloka, Pulaki, Puncak Sangkur, Bukit Rangda, Trate Bang, Padang Dawa, Andhakasa, Uluwatu, Sraya and Gunung Lempuhyang.

The mountains are the stana of the Gods (manifestations of God) to guard Bali.

In the Sading C inscription in 1072 Saka stated that Lempuhyang Mount was also named Adri Karang Mount.

It is on Adri Karang Mount that Jayasakti King meditates, because that is the mountain also called Karangsemadi.

Jayasakti King was ordered by his father Sang Hyang Guru to go down to Bali to build a temple to become a safe and prosperous area.

Jayasakti King invited the commanders and their assistants and the people to realize the order of Sang Hyang Guru to build Bali by beginning the construction of a temple on Gunung Lempuhyang which was the place of worship of God as Sang Hyang Iswara.

Pujawali Ceremony (anniversary) in Lempuyang Luhur Temple is of two types, namely every six months in Bali (210 days) to coincide with Thursday Umanis, Wara Dungulan (One day after Galungan Holyday) and at every Purnamaning Wesaka (full moon day between March-April).