Bali And Nusa Penida 3D2N Honeymoon Package

The Bali honeymoon package is the best wedding present you can give to yourself and your partner. Bali is not only beautiful, but it also presents a romantic vibe that is suitable for every couple, especially those who just got married.

Ubud and Nusa Penida are some of the most attractive places for tourists in Bali. Many couples want to have their honeymoon in Bali because they want the magnificent nature of the Island of Paradise to be a witness of their love.

If you are looking for the best Ubud and Nusa Penida Honeymoon package, you have come to the right place. We are experienced in arranging a romantic and unforgettable trip in Bali, and we will take you to the best places in those areas.

Bali is not only about Kuta or Sanur. If you want to experience something different in your trip, we have the answer. We will take you to the infamous Raja Lima Tree House that overlooks the beautiful sea of Nusa Penida. We also will show you the most exquisite infinity pool in Indonesia, the Angel’s Billabong. Take a look at the following itinerary and find out which beautiful places you can visit on your honeymoon in Bali.


Day 1 

* Once you arrive on the beautiful island of Bali, our team will greet you at Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is recommended to schedule your arrival time after 12:00.

* Our team will transfer you from the airport to your beloved destination, Ubud.

* We will not let you start your Bali Honeymoon package 3D2N without satisfying your hunger first. Enjoy the authentic Balinese delicacies at a popular restaurant, Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku.

* It is time to witness the beauty of Ubud. We will take you to visit famous tourist destinations in Ubud, such as Ubud Palace, Puri Saraswati, and Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Tegalalang Rice Terrace can be an alternative for those who want to see nature but want to stay away from the beaches.

* After exploring Ubud, it is time to take a rest and enjoy a lovely evening with your spouse. We will take you to check in a comfortable hotel around Kuta and Seminyak. Make sure to get ready for your adventure on the next day.

Day 2 (Choose between Tour Package A or B)

Tour A East Nusa Penida

* Have a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Make sure to fill up because you will have a long day.

* Our team will take you to Sanur Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Bali. Prepare to take lots of pictures with your spouse.

* In Sanur Beach, you will ride a fast boat to go to Nusa Penida. Enjoy the magnificent view of Balinese seas during this 45-minute boat ride.

* Our team in Nusa Penida will be waiting for you at Toyapakeh harbor. A local guide will accompany you to ensure the best and most convenient trip in Nusa Penida.

* You will spend the day going around Nusa Penida, visiting some of the most favourite tourist destinations in this area, such as Diamond Beach, Atuh Beach, Raja Lima Tree House, and Teletubbies Hills. Just like what the name suggests, this hill looks just like the one you see on the children’s TV show, definitely one of the best places to visit in this Bali Honeymoon Package.

* Are you craving for other Balinese delicacies? Worry not! Our team will drive you to a local restaurant in Nusa Penida that serves authentic Balinese cuisine.

* When the sun is about to set, our driver will take you back to Toyapakeh Harbor so that you can take another boat to go back to Sanur.

* This is the end of your adventure on the second day. You can go back to the hotel to have your well-deserved rest.

Tour B West Nusa Penida

* Take a breakfast at the hotel to refill your energy.

* Just like Tour A, the first destination is the Sanur Beach where you will ride a fast boat to go to Nusa Penida.

* Our team and a local guide will greet and welcome you at Toyapakeh Harbor, Nusa Penida. 

* This tour package will take you to the western side of Nusa Penida. You will visit

beautiful places such as Klingking Beach, Paluang Cliff, Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong and Crystal Bay.

* Your trip will not be complete without going to a local restaurant in Nusa Penida where you can taste the best Balinese delicacies.

* Our team will take you back to Toyapakeh Harbour in the afternoon so that you can go back to Sanur.

* Take a good rest at the hotel so you will have enough energy for the fun activities on the third day.

Day 3

* Start your day with breakfast at the hotel. We have specially chosen a restaurant with a good breakfast menu so that you can enjoy delicious food in every meal.

* You will have a few hours of free time before your plane departure. You can stay at the hotel, or explore some interesting places around the area.

* Our team will take you to the airport. It is recommended if you schedule your flight before 2 PM.

* Your Ubud and Nusa Penida Honeymoon package 3 days 2 nights ends here. Hopefully you will have a great time with us


– two-night stay at a chosen hotel with breakfast included.
– Lunch for two days
– Air-conditioned private car, driver included
– Gas and parking fee
– Tickets and retribution to the tourist destinations
– Fastboat tickets to and from Nusa Penida
– 1 bottle of mineral water per day.


– Plane tickets
– Personal needs


Grand Zuri Kuta, The One Legian, Solaris Kuta, Sense Sunset Seminyak, Grand Livio Hotel, Neo Hotel Kuta. We only serve you great hotels with the best reputation, choose one that suits your needs.


* The choice of hotel will be confirmed during the booking process.
* Feel free to inform us if you want to change hotels or upgrade your room.
* Don’t hesitate to inform us if you want to change your itinerary.

This itinerary is just a brief illustration on what we are able to serve you. We have specially chosen the best places in Bali for you to enjoy your honeymoon. But if you have any special requests regarding the places to visit, feel free to tell us. We will adjust the route and itinerary to fulfil your dream honeymoon.

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate your love in Bali with us. We will create the most perfect holiday for you with our best Bali honeymoon package.