All You Need To Know About Munduk Waterfalls Bali

Munduk is a typical village perched in the hills covered with jungles and rice fields. Located in north of Bali, you will need about 2 hours drive to reach this village situated at 1000 m altitude from Bali Airport. The road climbs up to a ridge where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the valley from the center of the island and on the lakes. You will surely come across some pranksters monkeys! Munduk has a unique charm with the colonial architecture of its old Dutch batiste backdrop of green mountains. The evenings are cooler here compared to the rest of the island. Munduk is spared from mass tourism. Unlike Kuta and Ubud, no memories or other street vendors shops. You will be in direct contact with the local population and total immersion with the surrounding nature, so lush and rich. Indeed, this little-known region is conducive to treks that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

This tour package is design exclusively for you who would like to explore The nature of Munduk waterfalls in our lovely village, it’ will help you to escape from the crowds and fell the Nature atmosphere of Munduk Village.

The small village of Munduk is home to some of the most beautiful nature and landscape in bali, Indonesia. Located in the mountain of North Bali, it’s a peaceful escape just an hours drive from Lovina and two hours from Ubud. Munduk is one of the best destination in Bali for waterfall lovers, with plenty of stunning waterfalls nearby to visit on a day trip. This 3-4 hour trek is one of the best things to do in Munduk and leads you through some of the most incredible nature in Bali to visit Melanting Waterfall, Red Coral Waterfall and Golden Valley Waterfall. Find out exactly how to doing the Munduk waterfall trek in Bali.

 Red Coral Waterfall

After descending so many steep steps the last thing you want to do is climb back up them. Unfortunately, to reach the Red Coral waterfall the only way is to go back the way you came. Once you pass the booth where you paid, turn left. Continue on this path uphill until you see a warung on your right hand side. At this point you need to make a sharp right turn and continue on this path.

From there the path is relatively straight forward until you reach the waterfall. Red Coral waterfall is incorrectly labelled as Munduk waterfall. There are 2 waterfalls on the map listed by this name, so make sure it’s the closer of the 2 that you select. Close to the waterfall the map shows a tollbooth, which should help you distinguish.

The Red Coral waterfall is another wonderful work of nature for you to enjoy, and in our experience was the busiest of the waterfalls in Munduk. Prepare to get wet as the spray from the falls is quite powerful, which can make it hard to get a photo without water on your lens! On top of this there’s quite a lot of sun glare around midday.

Take your time to enjoy this lovely spot, and make sure to give yourself a rest from all the walking you’ve done so far. When you’re ready, set off towards the final waterfall of the trek.

Melanting waterfall

The Munduk waterfall loop trek starts in the village, unless you are doing it in reverse. Guesthouses in the area of munduk.  Set your destination as Laangan Melanting waterfall and follow the route suggested. Just before the hill you will take a steep path to your left. Follow this path along until the end of the trail.

For about 10 minutes the path will no longer be there. Instead it will consist of a rocky track, but you should keep following the route. We thought we were going the wrong way, but thankfully we weren’t! After about 10 minutes you’ll arrive at the beautiful Laangan Melanting waterfall. Make your way across the bamboo bridge to enjoy the falls from a great viewpoint. During our visit they were constructing some new stairs to make the viewpoint easier to access.