A Week Vacation In Bali Cost Is Not So Expensive As You Think

Bali has become one of the favorite tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. Bali offers both comfort and peace of mind when you visit. However, there are still many people who think a vacation in Bali cost is so expensive, especially if you want to have fun.


In fact, enough with only Rp 1.5 million, you can be satisfied in Bali for one week! See the tips below!

Buy plane tickets during low season

Buy tickets away that day is not mandatory, really! Instead, it’s true that you must be diligent in checking the price of plane tickets! Remember, buying plane tickets during the low season is definitely cheaper. Especially, buy for weekdays flights, not during weekends.

Flight ticket price: IDR 250 thousand (round trip)

“No cosmetics” lodging accommodation

Hotels don’t need to be full of this to make it look “beautiful”, as long as it’s clean enough. If you’re lucky, you can get a lodging rate of Rp. 75,000 / night. If multiplied by five days, it means that for the lodging you only need to spend Rp375,000. Get around homestay room rentals greatly affect your vacation budget. That way, Rp1.5 million for a week of vacation in Bali is very possible. Wow, it is good for you to have a Honeymoon Trip To Bali.

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Eat and hang out at the cafe 1-2 times

If you want to hang out pretty at a cafe during your vacation in Bali, don’t worry, your dreams can come true! You can allocate Rp100,000 to hangout up to twice a week during your vacation in Bali.

For the problem of eating, you can combine it with instant noodles and a choice of places to eat again without “cosmetics” but authentic Balinese flavor. IDR 400 thousand is enough for one week.

Search for free tourism spots

Beach tourism in Bali on average is free and not paid. Take it easy, although its free, various tourist attractions are still interesting. In fact, you can also stop by cool hangouts like Ayana, Rimba, and various others for free! The tips are very easy, go there just to look around and just take a photo, don’t sit down to eat, because it must be very expensive.

Choose transportation wisely

Now, you still have Rp 375,000 of the total budget of Rp 1.5 million for a week’s vacation in Bali cost. If you want to visit tourist attractions far from your inn, you schedule a special day, then rent a motorbike. Motorcycle rental prices are still fairly standard in the range of Rp150,000, with gasoline costs suppose you have to spend up to Rp 200,000. So, the rest of your budget is  Rp 175,000.

Cheap but memorable souvenirs

Through the remaining Rp 175.000 of Rp 1.5 million for one week in Bali, you can use the remaining money to buy souvenirs. No need expensive but quite memorable. In fact, you can buy a Bali bracelet for 10 thousand rupias for three bracelets! There is still IDR 165,000 left, after buying the bracelet, it’s a bonus to buy whatever you want.

Vacation in Bali cost is really cheap, right? You can have fun in Bali with only a budget of 1.5 million rupiahs.