9 Top Attractions In Bali You Must Visit At Least Once In Lifetime

Bali is the best choice whenever you have a problem deciding your travel destination. This island has various things to visit, see, and do, which give you the best travel experience you ever had. Here, we have several recommendations for a top attractions in bali that you can include in your travel itinerary. Let’s see what they are and what you can get there.

Welcome to Bali

Seminyak Bali, the Ultimate Destination

Seminyak is a popular area and a tourist destination. Here, you can find anything. Do you need a souvenir or traditional items? Seminyak has many traditional shops you can visit. Do you want to get high-end designer clothes? You can find many fashionable boutiques here.

The Best Home: Seminyak Bali

People also visit Seminyak for its relaxing atmosphere. The beaches here allow you to spend your time comfortably. Moreover, it also is close to many bars and restaurants that are open all day long. Have a feast and enjoy nature, that’s what you get here.

Terraced Rice Fields in Tegalalang Bali

Here, you can see the unique Balinese sculptured rice terrace. You can enjoy the beautiful and lavish green nature surrounding the rice field. It is also easy to see the local culture and customs that allow you to understand Bali more. Then, you can visit the village and socialize with the residents.

Tegalalang rice field Bali

Ubud Art Market Bali

Ubud is the center of Balinese art. The Ubud Art Market is the place where you can purchase art from many traditional artists. All arts here are authentic products, which have unique characteristics you can’t find elsewhere. In this market, you can find many other items too, from souvenirs to art masterpieces.

Besakih the Mother Temple Bali

Another top attractions in bali you should visit is Besakih Temple. It is known as the largest temple in Bali. Located on the slopes of Mount Agung, the highest mountain on the island, this temple has 86 temples that have been around for more than 1,000 years.

Besakih Temple Bali, Indonesia

Every year, this temple becomes the place to hold more than 70 religious Hindu events. Many people from all over the island visit this temple to attend the event. The chance is you will be able to see the event on your visit.

Mount and Lake Batur Bali

It is the best choice for you who love hiking. It takes around two hours from the starting point to the summit. At the summit, you will find the best spot to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunrise views. Mount Abang and Batur Lake act as its background, which creates one of the most magical sceneries of nature.

Amed Village of East Bali

Amed is a paradise for snorkeling and diving. It has beautiful underwater scenery, many species of corals, tropical fishes, and even a Japanese shipwreck. The black volcanic sand on Amed Beach is also another thing you can enjoy here.

Lovina North Bali

Lovina is another best destination for snorkeling and diving, especially for a beginner. Moreover, you also can watch dolphins close to Lovina Beach.

Munduk Village

This village is located on a mountain with clean and fresh air. The charming and calming natural vibe here, the waterfalls and hills, make this village a popular destination for trekking. During the colonial era, the Dutch loved to retreat here. Therefore, you can find many European architectural styles here.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana offers various things you can enjoy. It has exhibition halls, huge statues based on folklore characters, a festival park, and many more. Surrounding the statue, you also can learn the Balinese culture and history from the relief and statues. It will always become the best and most fun way to learn Bali, and that makes it a top attractions in bali.