7D6N Bali Tour Package (6 Nights Hotels Near Beach)

The beauty of Bali is well-known throughout the world. This island of gods has won people’s hearts and made them want to come back to enjoy the magical nuance of this place. 

If you plan to have days off, enjoy it with family or friends, and look for the best tour package to Bali, this is exactly what you are looking for. 

We have a 7D6N Bali Tour Package (6 nights hotels near beach) that will spoil you and your loved ones with an adventurous and unforgettable tour. 

Here are the itineraries to give you the big picture of the tour you will have with our professional team. Let’s check this out!

gate in bali

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Day 01: Arrival

A driver will pick you up at the International Ngurah Rai Bali Airport. Your first destination of the day would be Melasti Beach, famous for its crystal-clear water and charm. 

This is the best place to enjoy the beauty of nature. The white sand, the limestone, and the surrounding views will spoil your first day on the island of gods. 

Take some pictures but please save a lot of memory for some days ahead. Now, your next destination is Jimbaran to enjoy a seafood BBQ at dinner. 

Have you ever had dinner on the beach? If you haven’t, then this will be your first time. Feel the excitement of the delicious food by local people. 

After dinner, the driver will drive you to a hotel to check in to have leisure time and have some rest. Be sure you have qualified sleep because you need to be in good health and stamina for seven days ahead.

Day 2: Watersport activity & Uluwatu Tour


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After enjoying your breakfast, the driver will pick you up, then go straight to Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua. Here, you will have one free ticket to ride the banana boat. Go around and look at the surrounding views and take some pictures before you have lunch at the local restaurant. 

Your next destination will be Uluwatu Temple. This temple is located on a cliff with extraordinary views surrounding it.

It is suggested that you wear decent clothes to appreciate those who have their ritual worship and prayer time. No worries, you will have a lot of fun time here. Take as many photos as you like. 

There are many attractions in this temple, one of them is the architecture of the buildings. Every angle is the best background for your amazing pictures. So, take your time before returning to the hotel to take some rest and leisure time. 

Day 3: Ubud Art Tour

As the day before, after breakfast, the driver will pick you up and then head to Batubulan. This place is popular for its art on statues and carvings. 

You will see a famous dance there, Keris and Fire Dance. This is that magical and exotic dance by professionals performing for millions of audiences. 

Save your energy and stamina to visit Celuk Village and the Ubud area where you can shop till drop. Be sure you plan your holiday budget to avoid excessive outcomes. 

Shopping in those two areas will probably make you forget anything else because there are a lot of varieties of pretty items. 

If you are looking for Bali souvenirs, Celuk Village, Puri Ubud, and Ubud Art is the heaven for shoppers. Available various Bali shirts, clothes, accessories, handicrafts, and so many more you can buy for the ones you love. 

Being satisfied with souvenir shopping, the driver will drive you to Tirta Empul Temple where you can feel the cool holy water which is believed as a sacred place to purify oneself. 

This is one place for Hindu People to hold their worship ritual. There are tourists from around the world who are eager to visit this place because the holy water is believed to have the ability to heal some illnesses as well. 

Prayers are answered for those who take the chance to take a bath from the poles in Tirta Empul Temple. This belief makes a lot of people want to come and receive the blessings. 

Before heading back to the hotel, you will enjoy a tasty lunch in a local restaurant. It will be your last destination of the day. Enjoy your leisure time and get some rest for tomorrow’s adventure. 

Day 4: Nusa Penida Tour

nusa penida

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Today, you’re going to sail to Nusa Penida Island. Right after having breakfast, the driver will transfer you to Sanur Beach to check in for a fastboat. 

Be sure you wear a convenient outfit, because you will explore Nusa Penida which is famous for its magical attractions. 

Although it is a small island, it has tremendous beauty above and underwater. Those who love watersports must try to snorkel and dive to see the underwater lovely biota. Be ready with your camera to take as many pictures and videos as you can. You might not want to miss a thing.

Take your time to explore Nusa Penida Island until the tour guide directs you back to the fast boat, and sail back to Sanur Beach. 

You might feel tired and want to get some rest. The driver will drive you back to the hotel, for sure, after having a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. Enjoy your rest and get ready for tomorrow’s schedule. 

Day 5: Bedugul & Tanah Lot Tour

ulun danu baratan temple

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As same as the day before, the driver will pick you up after breakfast. Today, your first destination is Ulun Danu Beratan Temple in Bedugul. 

This place has so many attractions. So, bring your camera and take as many photos as you want. Its location is in the middle of a lake with an amazing view. It makes the created atmosphere uniquely beautiful. 

For your additional information, a lake for Balinese is considered as the source of prosperity in life. The founder of this temple was I Gusti Agung Putu. The temple has a sacred function as a worshipping place for the Trimurti, namely Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. 

Be sure you wear a decent outfit to appreciate the worshippers here. Choose a long-sleeved shirt, t-shirt, or blouse combined with something comfy, such as long pants, culottes, or long skirts. 

The weather here is cold. So, it is suggested that you bring your jacket or sweater as an additional outfit. 

Before going to Wanagiri Hidden Hill with the natural views of Lake Tambilangan, you will visit Hadara Gate. Ever heard of this place?

This an iconic gate in Bali where people around the world are willing to stand in line to be able to take pictures. Can you imagine its beauty now?

Before visiting Tanah Lot Temple, you will have lunch at a local restaurant. Enjoy the taste of Bali on every bite.

In Tanah Lot Temple, you will be able to enjoy so many interesting activities, such as sunset view hunting, taking beautiful pictures, and enjoying watersports. Is that all? Of course, not. See and feel the breathtaking nuance of this place as much as you can before returning to the hotel and having some rest. 

Day 6: Lempuyang & Karangasem Tour

lempuyang temple

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Technically, this is going to be your last day of adventure on the island of gods and your first destination is Lempuyang Temple. People call this place as the gate of heaven. 

Thousands of stairs look like heading to the sky. You should see and take pictures here for the scenery is jaw-opening. 

Then, you will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before going to Tirta Gangga Water Garden. For your information, Tirta Gangga was a kingdom. It is located in the east part of Bali, about five kilometers from Karangasem, near Mount Agung. 

This place is also famous for its water palace with so many fish that live in its pools. The pools and some statues produce extraordinary views to enjoy. 

Take your time to have fun and hunt so many lovely photo angles. Remember to wear your best outfits so that you will always look stunning in every shoot. 

Your last destination of the day is Taman Ujung Sukasada. The place is famous for its wonderful scenery. This garden is 10 hectares in width with 3 big pools in it. Many beautiful flowers are blossoming inside the area. 

No wonder many couples decide to have their prewedding photo season here. Get ready with a spacious memory card. You might want to take pictures all the time. 

Being satisfied, the driver will transfer you to the hotel to enjoy your last rest in Bali in this 7D6N Bali Tour Package (6 nights hotels near beach).

After you arrive at the hotel, before sleeping, it is suggested that you repack your luggage. It is good if you listed the stuff before leaving. So, when it’s time to return home, you exactly what to bring back. Then, enjoy your rest to get ready for tomorrow’s flight. 

Day 7: Departure

So, it’s the day. Enjoy your last breakfast in Bali before leaving for the airport. Please recheck your luggage before checking out to avoid leaving some things behind. 

The driver will transfer you to the International Ngurah Rai Airport for departure. 

Additional Information

Do you have a clear description of how your journey is going to be after reading the itineraries above? You may contact us for more detailed information. You can call us or email us to discuss your tour package.

As we have a deal, please pay 40% of the payment in advance so we can get everything ready for you. If something urges you to cancel the tour three weeks before the schedule, we will return all your money. But, less than that, your payment is not refundable. 

We do not want to charge you for the cancellation, but we also cooperate with partners and third parties to supply your needs during your tour under their own terms and conditions. 

So, please contact us by WhatsApp or email about the cancellation. Our staff will reschedule your tour according to your most convenient time. 

The quotation includes:

  1. Full AC private transport
  2. Professional English-speaking driver
  3. Six nights staying at the hotel include breakfast
  4. Meals as mentioned in the tour program (Lunch 5x, Dinner 2x)
  5. Entrance ticket to destinations during the tour
  6. Return Fast boat tickets (Nusa Penida)
  7. Mineral water during the trip
  8. Fuel, Parking, Donation

The quotation excludes:

  1. Peak Season Surcharge during the tour period
  2. Personal expenses, and additional tour