6D5N Bali Tour Package (6 Nights Hotels Near Beach), An Adventure To Ubud And Nusa Penida

Bali has that charm that no palace else has. Whoever comes to this island of gods will surely want to return and enjoy the magical ambiance. 

Do you want to feel the magic and find the best tour package reference? We offer something interesting that you’re looking for. A 6D5N Bali Tour Package (6 nights hotels near beach) is available for you. 

Our professional team will guide you from day one to day six and provide you with extraordinary adventures during the tour. 

You can always contact us and discuss with us about the tour package details. But for now, we will give you the complete itinerary to give you the big picture of your adventurous journey for six days and 5 nights in Bali. 

Let’s travel virtually through these itineraries from day one to day six. You will be able to imagine the beauty of Bali as you read along. Check this out!

Day 01: Arrival

Our driver will pick you up on the day we’ve agreed at International Ngurah Rai Bali Airport. Be you pack luggage far before leaving for Bali. 

This is important so that you won’t miss out on any crucial things. So, for warming up, you will go to Melastie Beach as your first destination. 

This beach is like a hidden paradise because the location is behind limestone hills. So, people did not notice this beautiful gem. Nowadays, Melasti Beach is well-known among local tourists and also the ones from abroad. 

One of the beauties you will enjoy is the white sand that spreads out along the beach and the crystal-clear seawater. Have you ever heard of Pandawa Beach? This beach is similar to that one but with a different uniqueness.   

Being satisfied on Melasti Beach, you will enjoy dinner at Jimbaran. You will have a seafood BBQ before the driver transfers to check-in at a hotel for rest and get ready for tomorrow’s exploration.  

Day 2: Watersport activity & Uluwatu Tour

Banana Boat Ride

Pixabay @3887894

After having breakfast, the driver will pick you up at the hotel and go to Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. This is another beach you will see in Bali. 

The beauty of the beach makes a lot of tourists desire to enjoy more of it under the sea. The wave is different from the one in Sanur, Kuta, or Uluwatu. This makes people love to swim and spend time there.  

Tanjung Benoa is located between two seas. That is why, it has so many beaches. The sea water is so calm that it is safe for activities. In Nusa Dua, you will get 1 free ticket for the banana boat ride. 

You will sail along and watch the beautiful views surround plus the crystal clear sea water will give you clear vision too to see the lovely underwater view. Probably only a few hours there won’t be enough for you to explore the charming beauty of the island. 

Being satisfied on this island, you will have lunch at a local restaurant before heading to Uluwatu Temple. This is where you can watch the popular Kecak Dance and the beautiful sunset. 

You might forget about time when visiting this temple, because of the natural view as well as the building architecture. Be sure you’re ready with your camera to record the moment. 

Take your time here, because every angle of this place hides something magical that is too pretty to ignore. Then, you will return to the hotel with the feeling of satisfaction for today’s exploration. Spend time well at your hotel for leisure time and a good rest. 

Day 3: Kintamani Tour

bali dancers

Pixabay @innokurnia

Today, as same as the day before, the driver will pick you up after breakfast at your hotel. Your first destination will be Penglipuran Village. 

It is well-known as the cleanest village in the world. Many international achievements have been reached by this village and many tourists are curious about the beautiful place which has been held the tradition of their ancestors for years.  

When you arrive at Penglipuran Village, you will see the simple yet exotic architecture of every house. Let alone the environment. It is clean, neat, and well-structured.

Here is the place where you can take as many pictures as you want. Every angle of this village hides something beautiful to explore. Be sure you bring your camera and wear the best outfit of the day. 

Being satisfied in Penglipuran Village, you will head to Mount and Lake Batur. For your information, Mount Batur is one of the ancient mountains in Indonesia. It has a beautiful view and a lovely lake you must see. 

There is a super wide caldera in this one is one of the best calderas in the world. The caldera is like a basin with 2 2-kilometer depth, exactly like a crater. This lake has become one of the water sources in Bali with a breathtaking view. 

There are interesting activities here, such as jet skiing and canoe riding. You will be able to see the beautiful surroundings and fertile soil that is full of many kinds of fruits and vegetables. 

Being satisfied taking pictures and enjoying the scenery of Lake Batur, you will have lunch at a local restaurant, then head to Montana Del Cafe to relax and enjoy a marvelous view. But, this is going to be on your expenses. 

After enjoying time at this popular and elegant cafe with an amazing view, the driver will drive you back to the hotel to have leisure time and have some rest. That is the end of day 3 exploration. Be sure you get ready for the next adventure. 

Day 4: Ubud Tour

barong dance

Pixabay @AgungAtmaja

When you finish having breakfast, the driver will pick you up and transfer you to a place where you will watch and witness the remarkable Barong traditional dance. 

Enjoy every move from the professional dancers and be sure you take your camera to record the moment. 

Your next destinations will be Celuk Village and the Ubud area. These areas will spoil those who love shopping. Whether you want to window shop or buy souvenirs, you will have a lot of options for Balinese items. 

Available Bali shirts, hats, bags, clothes, accessories, and many more to choose from. The variants are large so you may have time to take a look in every store that provides souvenirs while enjoying the ambience. 

If you want to buy yourself and your family a batik t-shirt, clothes, or blouse, Celuk Village will spoil you with a lot of options. This place does not only offer batik but also silver accessories. Get some for your collection if you love wearing bracelets, necklaces, etc. 

After souvenirs shopping, you will have lunch at a local restaurant before going to Tirta Empul Temple. This temple is famous for the 26 water poles which are believed as the sacred place to purify oneself. 

Tourists from all over the world want to see and feel the water to get blessings and healing as well. You can take a bath here and feel the flowing water like anybody else. Enjoy your time here before you drive back to the hotel to have leisure time and some rest. 

Day 5: Nusa Penida Tour

manta ray

Pixabay @Eychenne

This is going to be your last exploration in Bali because tomorrow you will return home. So, be sure you enjoy and take your time at every destination. 

The driver, as same as the day before, will pick you up after breakfast and transfer you to Sanur Beach. When you arrive there, you will check in for a fastboat and sail to Nusa Penida Island. 

Before checking in, you must decide where to go, whether is it to East Nusa Penida or the west part. There are many attractions on this island. One of them is Manta Bay. This place is a heaven for those who love snorkeling and diving. 

The undersea biota is breathtaking, and there is one kind of fish that is popular for its friendliness, which is the Manta Rays. They sometimes come up and greet divers. You can take pictures and interact with them. Don’t forget to take pictures and record the moment for future memory. 

After exploring some parts of the islands, you will have lunch at a local island before returning to Sanur Beach and enjoying your last dinner in Bali.

Arriving at the hotel, you will have time to repack your luggage and check every list so that you will not skip or leave anything behind. Take your time to rest as well for tomorrow’s flight. 

Day 6: Departure

So, it’s the day. Enjoy your last breakfast in Bali before leaving for the airport. Please recheck your luggage before checking out to avoid leaving some things behind. 

The driver will transfer you the International Ngurah Rai Airport for departure. 

Additional Information

Do you have a clear description of how your journey is going to be after reading the itineraries above? You may contact us for more detailed information. You can call us or email us to discuss your tour package.

As we have a deal, please pay 40% of the payment in advance so we can get everything ready for you. If something urges you to cancel the tour three weeks before the schedule, we will return all your money. But, less than that, your payment is not refundable. 

We do not want to charge you for the cancellation, but we also cooperate with partners and third parties to supply your needs during your tour under their own terms and conditions. 

So, please contact us by WhatsApp or email about the cancellation. Our staff will reschedule your tour according to your most convenient time. 

Your Tour Package is mentioned below:

The quotation includes:

  1. Full AC private transport
  2. Professional English-speaking driver
  3. Five nights staying at the hotel include breakfast
  4. Meals as mentioned in the tour program (Lunch 4x, Dinner 2x)
  5. Entrance ticket to destinations during the tour
  6. Return Fast boat tickets (Nusa Penida)
  7. Mineral water during the trip
  8. Fuel, Parking, Donation