5 Things To In Bali That You Must Try

Bali is a world-famous tropical paradise for a good reason. There are so many things to in Bali that you will always want to go back. If you only have a short time in Bali, make sure that you include these things in your itinerary.


Visit Tanah Lot Temple

There are many beautiful Hindu temples in Bali. The most famous of all is Tanah Lot. It stands on top of a scenic natural rock formation in the middle of the sea.

At low tide, you can go to the temple by walking from the beach. However, at high tide it’s completely surrounded by the sea. Make sure that you go early so you can see one of the most beautiful sunsets on earth.

Learn to surf at Kuta Beach

If you want to learn how to surf, why not now? Kuta Beach is a great surfing spot. The waves are great for surfing but it’s relatively easy for beginners. You can rent a board and take a surfing lesson here.

Kuta Beach is also a good place for sunbathing and watching the sunset. There are also plenty of great bars around the beach, so hang around the area after sunset.

Water sports at Tanjung Benoa

Water sports are the most important things to in Bali. The best place for that is Tanjung Benoa Beach. Here, you can try a range of different water sports.

One activity you must try is the water jetpack. For about 20 minutes, you’ll be able to fly! You’ll get to see the beauty of the islands from up to 10 meters above the ground. And don’t worry about safety. All water sports at Tanjung Benoa are supervised by experienced instructors.

Authentic Bali culture in Ubud

Want to experience the authentic Bali culture? Ubud is one of the places to visit in Bali Indonesia.

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Surrounded by lush rice fields, Ubud boasts many art galleries and museums for Balinese art. You can also see traditional dance performances here. If you want to buy beautiful art pieces and souvenirs to bring home, Ubud is your destination.

Hike Mount Batur

Bali isn’t all about beaches. If you love hiking, you have to climb Mount Batur. Standing at 1,700m above sea level, you can take a tour to the top of this volcano. Watching the sunrise over the mountain crater should be one of your things to in Bali.