10 Reasons Why You Should Take Travel Tour Bali 

Travel Tour Bali – Bali which is famous as the island of gods is never out of charm to attract tourists. It has so many things to offer and enjoy. Especially for those looking for the right place to relax, stay away from routines, and have a lovely holiday. 

If you are planning a holiday in Bali, this is the right article for you, and for you who have never been to Bali, this is definitely information you need to plan your unforgettable holiday with family or your loved ones. While for you who have been to this island, you might need to know more about the uniqueness of this island of gods. Without further ado, let’s check out the following uniqueness of Bali. 

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The Tradition Called Omed-omedan

What is Omed-omedan? This is one culture held by the local people of Banjar Kaja Sesetan, Denpasar, Bali. This annual unique ceremony is held in order to get lucky. This tradition of kissing ritual must be done by the youth who have not been married. 

Omed-omedan means pulling each other. This tradition is usually done a day after the celebration of Nyepi. For your information, in 2023, Nyepi was on March 22. So, this ritual was done on March 23. 

Since this tradition only exists in Bali, it is placed in the first number of 10 uniqueness of this island of gods. The participants of this ritual must be around 17 to 30 years old. Have you ever been so lucky to see this annual ceremony?

Buffalo Racing Called Mekepung

The tradition of buffalo racing called Mekepung is usually held in the sub-district of Melaya, the District of Jembrana, West Bali. Hundreds of buffalo will race in competition to reach the finish line. The buffalo was reigned by a jockey. 

The ceremony will start at 07.30 am and the race will usually last for about 5 hours. If you are planning a holiday in July, August, September, October, or November, you will have the chance to see this twice-a-month ceremony. 

Pandan Leave War tradition Called Mekare-kare

The pandan leaves war tradition exists in the Tenganan Village, the District of Karangasem, Bali. For your information, by the local people, this tradition is well-known as geret pandan and the ceremony is called Mekare-kare. 

The war tradition is not merely a traditional show, but a part of the local people’s culture and ritual in Tenganan Village. This ritual is believed to be preventing them from troubles and all negative things. 

In this tradition, every young man will be ready with a bunch of pandan leaves about 30 centimeters long as a weapon. In the fight between 2 young men, each will attack the other with the thorny pandan leaves. The fighters might get hurt in the back by the thorny leaves. That is why they also prepare a shield to protect themselves.

If you visit Bali around the middle of June, you will have a chance to watch this tradition closely. Usually, this ritual will be done in two days. Are you curious to see this war tradition?

Nyepi Celebration

This is the Saka New Year that the Hindu people celebrate in Indonesia. But, do not think that this is going to be a festive celebration. On the contrary, the Nyepi Celebration will be a quiet celebration. No activities, no lamps, just being in the room and praying to the gods for 24 hours. Whoever is in Bali or Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan must stay inside the house or the hotel until the celebration is finished. 

Ogoh-ogoh Festival

You can see this Ogoh-ogoh festival a day before the Nyepi Celebration. There is a procession called Pengerupukan or Ngerupuk where every village in Bali will be parading Ogoh-ogoh on the street. 

You must be wondering, what is Ogoh-ogoh? This is a kind of giant statue made of wood and styrofoam, layered with clothes and papers so that people will easily carry them during the parade on the street. Most of Ogoh-ogoh is the form of a giant.

A Temple in the Middle of a Lake

Bali is identical in the uniqueness of its art and culture. One of Bali’s popular tourist destinations is the temple. You will see a lot of temples when you visit Bali. Starting from the small temples to the great ones. There is one temple located in the middle of a lake. The temple’s name is Ulun Danu Temple. It is in the middle of Beratan Bedugul Lake. you probably have seen it on TV or the internet. Plan a holiday to visit the temple and see it closely. 

Ngaben Ceremony

This is a ceremony that is famous around the world. Ngaben or Pelebon (for the ones with caste) is the cremation ceremony in Bali. This is one of the important ceremonies in the Hindu Bali traditional culture. What makes this ceremony unique is the means to carry the dead body from the house to the cremation place. Local people call it wadah and they usually prepare 2 kinds of it to carry the dead. 


When you visit Bali during the Galungan Celebration, you will see along the roads unique ethnical decoration. It is called penjor. This is made from bamboo and decorated with young coconut leaves called janur. At the end of the leave, there is a flower decoration called sampian. When sampian is ready, they will hang it at the end of janur and tie it dangling beautifully

Giant Kites Festival

This festival is held in July and August because the wind is pretty hard in these months. Besides, those two months are when many tourists come to visit Bali. So, the giant kites festival will surely attract a lot of tourists. When the kites are flying, they are accompanied by traditional music called Baleganjur. For your information, the location of the festival is Sanur Beach and Padang Galak Beach. 

Same First Name

When you are in Bali, you will find that local people have the same first name. The first child will be Putu or Wayan; the second child will be Made or Kadek, the Third child will be Nyoman or Komang, and the fourth child will be Ketut. After the first name, local people will have various middle and last names. Do you find the same or similar culture like this somewhere else? 

Interesting, right? How do you find the uniqueness of Bali so far? Are you ready to explore them now? Be sure you have a well-planned holiday. Choose the best and most reliable travel agent where you get good facilities and comfort during the holiday. Have a great travel to Bali with your family and your loved ones. Be happy and stay healthy.