#1 The Friendliest Price Of Ubud Half Day Tour Package

Ubud Half Day Tour – Will it be a great tour? Of course, it will, if you take the Ubud half-day tour package from us. Our long experience setting up a half-day Ubud tour lets us know people’s needs and desires. 

The Ubud half-day tour packages will be some trips visiting tourist destinations in Ubud Village in approximately 6 hours. These packages are made for you who only have a short time but still want to enjoy your moment in Bali. 

Your trip will start in the morning. A driver will pick you up at the hotel after breakfast, and then drive you to Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud Market, and Ubud Palace or Puri Saren. In the afternoon, you will enjoy yourself while having lunch before returning to the hotel. Are you curious about the Ubud half-day tour itinerary? Let’s check this out!

Satisfying Ubud Half Day Tour Itinerary

ubud half day tour

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You might now wonder about the Ubud half-day tour price. No worries, you can discuss it with us as soon as you’re ready. Let’s go along the best Ubud half-day tour itinerary below: 

Ubud Monkey Forest

This is a group of temples, and nature conservation in Ubud Village, Bali. It’s a small forest where some groups of monkeys and other tropical animals live. The location is strategic since it is in the heart of Ubud Village. Precisely, it is on Jalan Monkey Forest, Padangtegal Village, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. It is about 24 kilometers from Denpasar.

The forest is not only an important component in the spiritual as well as daily life of local people but also some sites of conservation and research. 

Be sure you follow the rules in the place that has the real name Mandala Suci Wenara Wana so that you have a wonderful moment. Be aware of what you bring as well, because sometimes the monkeys are curious about the things that tourists bring and snatch them as they are off guard. 

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Ubud Palace or Puri Saren

The Ubud Palace also known as Puri Saren is a palace of the Ubud kingdom with traditional houses of Bali. Those beautiful traditional houses were the residents of Ubud King as he lived. The palace is located in the center of Ubud Bali close to a traditional market founded by Ida Tjokorda who reigned from 1800 to 1823. 

Ubud Palace is the center of artistic culture, while the traditional market is the economic symbol of the local people. Puri Saren is completed with an auditorium or what local people call Wantilan as the meeting spot and Banyan Trees as shelters as the sun shines blazingly. 

The Attractiveness of Puri Saren

For those who love taking pictures, this a great place to be, since there are attractiveness that deserve to be recorded. What are they? Here they are!

The Beautiful Architecture of the Building

The Hindu Kingdom Impression is so obvious here. You can see it through the building, the reliefs and all. You will not run out of photo backgrounds while you are in the palace. 

Besides the beauty of the building, you can hear about the achievements of Ubud Kingdom in its glory time from the tour guide or local people. There is also a museum here where you can see the priceless legacy of Ubud Kingdom.

The Unique Spots to Take Pictures

Here you may take as many pictures as you want. Record your moment in this special spot in Bali while you are enjoying the unique atmosphere inside. As you display the pictures in your social media feed, you will get alot of likes and comments for sure because of the breathtaking beauty of the palace. 

Many people hold their pre wedding in Puri Saren. It is because this palace has an amazing nuance that attracts people. That is why this tourist destination is also well-known as Puri Ubud Prewedding. 

The Dance Performance

For those who love to see a dance performance, be sure you come at the right time. It is because the dance performance here is not held everyday. You may ask your travel agent if you use one or find the information from the hotel you stay in. 

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Ubud Traditional Market

Ubud Market is a traditional art market in the middle of Ubud Village. It is actually the same with other markets in tourist destinations. This market becomes one of the local people’s economic centers. 

It is stretched out from East to West and divided into two groups with different goods. So, there are two blocks in the same market that sell different kinds of things. The first block in the west sells various handcrafts; the second block in the East sells daily needs such as fruit, vegetables, etc.

You need to know that Ubud Traditional Market is also heaven for those who love enjoying cuisine, especially if you love  Bali’s food. This is where you can find snacks as well as traditional food that is popularly delicious. When your tummy is happy, you can continue to shop souvenirs to take home for family, relatives and friends. 

Do you know that Ubud Traditional Market  became one of the settings in the film Eat Pray Love? That is why this tourist destination is well-known among local and foreign tourists.  

In the market, you can shop various goods and handicraft, including local artist paintings, relief statues, traditional Bali clothes, Barong shirts and many more. For those who love accessories, this is your heaven. You can find anything unique, ethnic and interesting in the market.  

For this case, be sure you plan your holiday budget beforehand. So you know how much money can be spent during your tour. This is important to avoid excess outcome that makes you disappointed after the tour. 

ubud half day tour

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Do now worry about the Ubud half-day tour cost. We offer a friendly price with so much fun and facilities. You can set aside your anxiety and get ready for a great time with our professional team. So, are you ready for the Ubud half-day tour? Contact us immediately and let us discuss more details about it.